This is about the blog. To read about me, go here.

This blog is an amalgamation of three four of my previously active (and now dead) blogs. Yes, yes. You read it right, I used to write three four blogs. I’m insane. Besides, I generally write about (and am right about) nothing specific.

However, I sometimes get poetic here: Sukhan. I started blogging, years back, because of my obsession for Ghalib. Later on I realized that I’m equally obsessed with a lot of other Hindi/Urdu poets, such as Jaishankar Prasad. So i post about them as well. I also post some of my self-composed stuff here.

I used to play a lot with my camera (an analogue SLR ), so used to put them here as well – usually some good images taken by me along with some poetic lines I find relevant to them. Find them here: Images and Words

Also, I carried Sony Ericsson K790i for a while in 2007-2009. That was the first time, mobile blogging was introduced, and my phone let me directly blog from it’s camera application. So, I did run a small mobile photo blog. I finally imported all that here. You can find it at Mobile.

And oh! if you dont know who or what or when or where Zarquon is, then read this, and you might understand why I have a tag called “Dont Panic”.


If you think that I would be interested in listening to what you have to say, nikhilesh[at]ghushe.com would always welcome your emails.


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Okay! What does that mean?

That means whatever is here on this site, and is not stated to be created by someone else, is mine. You can surely quote it, but with credit and with a link. And most importantly, you can not make money out of it. Well, you can. Okay… let me think…. may be… if you can make money out of it … then you can NOT do it alone, you HAVE to ask me, and give me a cut. get it!! 🙂

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