A new look

It’s been long since I posted; and very very long since I upgraded my blog. After borrowing some enthu from Sandy, who recently bought some web-space and domain name, I finally decided to upgrade my blog – for whatever that means.

It was not easy. Firstly, my earlier Wordpess was installed in 2004. For god’s sake!! I ran it on a version so old, that it took me four hours of careful reading on various forums, taking multiple backups in various formats, and a lot of coffee to get it working on 3.0.1.

Then, the theme. Impossible to choose – at least without the help of womanly whims. Somehow chose this new theme, little bit of Gimp work, some PHP tweaking and the thing was up.

Then I realized, that I now live in 2010. The world has changed a lot since 2004. There was no social bookmarking then, there was no twitter and no Facebook… Oh My God!! NO FACEBOOK!! So I got the right plugins to help people socialize from here.

All in all it took me a day with some break…. and here we are. Welcome back 🙂

BTW, any suggestions?