Ahir ki chhohariya

Time to say happy birthday to Krishna! So, here’s my favorite piece of poetry (by Raskhan) about him:

सेस, महेस, गनेस, दिनेस, सुरेसहुँ जाँही निरंतर गावें,
जाँही अनादी, अनन्त, अखण्ड, अछेद, अभेद, सुवेद बतावें,
नारद से शुक व्यास रटें, पचि हारे तऊ पुनि पार न पावें,
ताही अहीर की छोहरिया, छछिया भर छाँछ पे नाच नचावें।

… whom all the mighty beings: the Shesha (the celestial remainder mighty snake), Mahesh (the almighty Shiva), Ganesha, Dinesha (the sun god), and Suresha (the king of god’s Indra) eternally praise,
… who has always been described as the one without begining or end, who is complete in itself, is impenetrable, itself is the undifferentiated reality, and obviously is the omniscient,
… from Narada to Shuka Muni to Vyaas are tired of chanting whose name, and still could not understand him completely,
… he himself dances to the tune of a bunch of cowherd girls, just for a pot of buttermilk.

Besides, I love the god who sets nice precedents like stealing clothes of girls bathing in a river. 😉

Harih Om!