A new look

It’s been long since I posted; and very very long since I upgraded my blog. After borrowing some enthu from Sandy, who recently bought some web-space and domain name, I finally decided to upgrade my blog – for whatever that means.

It was not easy. Firstly, my earlier Wordpess was installed in 2004. For god’s sake!! I ran it on a version so old, that it took me four hours of careful reading on various forums, taking multiple backups in various formats, and a lot of coffee to get it working on 3.0.1.

Then, the theme. Impossible to choose – at least without the help of womanly whims. Somehow chose this new theme, little bit of Gimp work, some PHP tweaking and the thing was up.

Then I realized, that I now live in 2010. The world has changed a lot since 2004. There was no social bookmarking then, there was no twitter and no Facebook… Oh My God!! NO FACEBOOK!! So I got the right plugins to help people socialize from here.

All in all it took me a day with some break…. and here we are. Welcome back 🙂

BTW, any suggestions?


Reason for this so very late night post… there has been a big change in life. And this is to mark the date. I don’t remember a bigger event in life so far. So it has to be recorded on the blog.

So you would ask, what the event is? No no no no… it’s not frivolous enough to be made public. The only thing I can say, is that an era has ended, and a new one is taking shape. As, Daagh Dehalvi, would have said it:

गर्म चश्मा है पत्थर के शिगाफ़ों से उबलने को,
ज़माना किस कदर बेताब है करवट बदलने को।

Until next time, stay tuned! 🙂

Hmmm… for the lack of a good title

I have neglected this blog. And have neglected it for long, probably longer than an average television soap opera duration, and probably more that how much an average television soap opera screenplay writer neglects common sense. Anyways, I’m here again. I don’t know for how long, but at least for the next fifteen minutes. It’s a break. Break from work, which is probably going to see tomorrow’s (or is it today’s?) sunrise.

So then, why the hell am I blogging? I should be working. Yes, yes, you are right. And I’m wrong. But then, I just decided to be wrong today. 🙂

So here I am, for the next thirteen minutes and thirty seconds. So I decided to write about the one single most important thing that has happened in my life in this time. And it is the fact that no single important thing has happened all this while.


More than one, and much more than just one important thing, has happened. Things as important to me, as probably a Baghdad bombing is to the next journalist going to question Tony Blair. Ya ya, that’s old news, I should have said the Iran Hostage Drama. Oh even that has gone stale, may be.. the new Fatwa from the Islamabad’s Lal Masjid against Bakhtiyar Madam. But hey stop, we were not supposed to talk news here, I was discussing the single most important thing in my recent life!!

So, just because of shear lack of time, I restrict my self to this small incident – I woke up one morning (was it really morning? May be afternoon) to find my door being knocked at with quite huge knocks. They were knocks of being hurried or excited, like may be someone is being chased by armed dacoits and is desperate to get in, or may be someone has just being stared at by the girl living next door and is excited to tell me how she might be interested (That girl is humble, quite, and nice, she only stares at the local cats, but then who cares), or may be just that someone is eager to give me some news. Yes that precisely was the case, there was an old friend standing there, who has come to give me some good news, in the traditional Indian way, with a dabba of mithai in his hand. He stood there for a while, smiled blissfully and said – dude, I’m engaged!!

And you know, how the times have been for me, so I replied, with even more blissful smile – “to what?”

All, the bliss on both our faces, and in our lives, suddenly got wiped out by that sharp noise, which could easily have been mistaken for the sound of a missile hitting the factory behind by apartment. I made from the aftershocks of the sharp noise, which left my ear drum vibrating for a while, that it was him shouting at me saying – “what do you mean, to what?” By this time, I had realized my mistake, and before I could say a sorry for this realization to the fact that he has actually got engaged (as in to get married in a while), a second realization struck me – “Oh my god, this guy is engaged!!” – yes, yes this was a “second” and a “different” realization. It was followed by an “oh my god”.

OKay, time up!! sorry, the rest of the story some other day.






Importance of being earnest

Noticeable things don’t happen. You just notice things and conclude that they were noticeable.

However, sometimes you are supposed to do noticeable things. Typical in national politics or in corporate environments. Let’s say when you are giving a presentation, or a public speech, or when you want to highlight a point in a strategy meeting, or in job interviews. And peculiarly, you cannot afford others knowing it that you deliberately made something noticeable. Basically, you have to make the deliberateness of noticeability non-noticeable, deliberately. 🙂

Its tough. Its a skill. I hate it.

I just heard from a friend, application of this skill in his love life. I’ve heard hiding something from your beloved before. I’ve also heard pretending, and over-expression of affection. But making things noticeable unnoticeably. Bit too much for me. Gets too complicated to handle. And grows anxiety in me. But the friend seemed enjoying it. So I enquired – ‘Has it got any purpose, or is it just for the kicks?’. He suddenly felt ‘noticed’, and changed to topic. And I get away with my anxiety unnoticed. 🙂

Too much of a mind game. Worth blogging. I hope Machiavelli might have written a book called The Princess. 🙂

BTW, introducing a new blogger, who also likes filling empty spaces with Urdu poetry, Appul.

The second coming


Presenting to you, the new blog with an old title, with which I’m pretty obsessed with, in spite of the Zarquon character being not very impressive, but nonetheless being a prophet helping in the increase of hype value, with all my old posts and your comments still retained, with a slight addition of a few tags, I’m feeling extremely happy.

That was one sentence. I consulted a masters in English guy to confirm its correctness. Though it doesn’t mean anything, but in any case makes my claim of correctness stronger.

Hoping that future posts shall be simpler and more comprehensible, and hoping that this one has suitably decreased your expectations of comprehensibility,

Yours truly,