Analyzing Ghaalib ??

I started reading Ghaalib an year back. Its easy to get carried away by the desire to logically analyze Ghaalib. But after an year or so I realize that this is the last thing one should do to Ghaalib. Read it. Enjoy it. Releat to it. But definitely not analyze it. Take this for instance –

Hue mar ke hum jo rusvaa hue kyon na gark-e-dariya,
Na kabhi janaazaa uthataa, na kahin mazaar hota.

[rusvaa=infamous] [gark=drown/sink ] [dariya=river]

Its impossible to gauage why Ghaalib has written this. But, I can surely remember times when I felt the same.

One thought on “Analyzing Ghaalib ??

  1. Jeet says:

    Ghalib must have seen some majars jinpe ‘kabootar’ baithe honge.. Looks like usko bhi cremation jyada accha lagta tha burial se :>

    Somehow I never happen to think of death.. Post death who cares.. but ghalib must have thought a lot about it to come up with this one :-))

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