From Gazhals to Qawwalis

I’ve recently graduated from ghazals to qawwalis. Half an hour back I was listening to gazhals (obviously Ghalib), and now I’m listening to some real old qawaalis (Bollywood 1950s). So the graduation is that recent!!

Whatever, I never realized before that qawwalis can be that expressive, soothing, romantic and philosophical at the same time. The one which is currently struck in my head, and going to remain stuck for a while, is:

Na to kaarawa.n ki talaash hai,
Na to humsafar ki talaash hai.
Mere shaukhe-e-khana kharaab ko,
Teri rehguzar ki talaash.

Mere na-muraad is junoon ka,
ab hai ilaaj koi to maut hai.
Jo davaa ke naam pe zeher de,
us charaagar ki talaash hai.

Well must thank one of my uncles for giving me this age old song.

One thought on “From Gazhals to Qawwalis

  1. Manish Shrivastava says:

    Hi Nikhilesh,

    Could you please mail me the song which has this bandish. I have been searching throuugh IIT collections of kawwalies and could not find it. It is the antara of a kawwali if I remember correctly.

    I would be very glad if you do this favour.

    BTW, Love the blog


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