Time to catch up

Its now time to catch up with things I’ve missed due to the busy month that passed. (Or was it two months?) Well whatever, its now time to catch up. So what did I miss…. a lot of movies, a lot of books, a lot of news!!

Yes surely a lot of news. But it was a strange experience, I mean missing the news. If you pick up today newspaper say after 5 days, most of the news must have either changed, made redundant by some other news, or oblieterated by some happening. So I felt it was okay to have missed the news.

But had to compensate for movies…. haven’t seen anything since the release of Troy. Can you believe that. Yes you have to. Its true. So I saw Troy today. And there’s a long list of pending ones… The Aviator, Ocean’s Elevan, and I don’t even know what(?)…. I told you I missed the news as well. I feel like coming out of some hibernation.

I’ll come back and write reviews, if could manage not to hibernate again.

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