Rock, Colaba, IP and Puke!!

Yesterday was a strange day. Sumit, an old friend from Gurgaon, has shifted to Mumbai. I went to meet him in Colaba. That’s where he lives now. And he has got a mansion!! Yes I was captivated by that house. A different colour combo for each room. The drawing room walls painted in off white, strangely contrasting with velvet green curtains and mustard yellow sofas. There were all sorts of amazing stuff hanging/hooked/fixed to the walls. There was this three-tier glass shelf with two spot lights fitted over it, pointing down, creating an amazig kaleidoscope of white-light refractions. Mirrors was another phenomenon present in the setup. The refelections adding to the effect of contrast. Then there was this painting of some dingy cave haning just above the resting stand of a huge bed. That somehow created a feeling of sleeping below a hill, especially when I was high.

Yes I was high!! Because I went to my favourite place in Mumbai with Sumit…. Cafe Mondegar. I guess the only place where I could find Floyd, Nirvana, Doors, REM, GnR, Mettalica playing back-to-back. Now that’s enough reason to get high. The beer added severly to it. This is a bad definition. Anyways, the severity, was multiplied by the other ingridients of the night… discussions!!

Starting with tasteless stupid things like growing IP markets in India… the discussion went colourful with the history of The Doors… and then blended into the rock craze on campus… still furthered into listing of ‘cult’ places in Mumbai…. went off-track into discussing Irani Cafes… to finally end-up with how stoned are the eyes of an amazing girl in yellow, sitting with an all-girls group on the adjecent table.

It was fun!!

But somehow it had to end with a Puke. And it did.

2 thoughts on “Rock, Colaba, IP and Puke!!

  1. Jeet says:

    hmm. I liked Cafe Mondegar because of the rock thingy… only thing is, it stinks 😀

  2. Stinks as in fish???

    But of what??

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