Its impossible for Jagjit Singh fans to forget this legendary gazal by Ghalib:

aah ko chaahiye ik umra asar hone tak,
kaun jeetaa hai teri zulf ke sar hone tak.

[sar hona == sulazhana in hindi]

I was just now listening to another rendition of the same gazal by Surriya (recorded sometime in early 50s). It’s really touching. The voice somehow perfectly expresses the feeling carried in the words. And to keep the impact alive throughout the song, only a few shers from the gazal are taken. The order of the shers is also altered. It starts with:

humne mana ki tagaful na karoge lekin,
khaak ho jaayegne hum tumko khabar hone tak.

[tagaful == neglect] [khaak == ashes]

All this has resulted in a real masterpiece. A must have for all Ghalib fans.

2 thoughts on “tagaful

  1. shobha says:

    do listen to it by ghulam ali also, its on youtube

  2. Krishna Gopal says:

    these are one of the finest lines “humne maana ki tagaaful…..” i’ve come across.

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