The wowbagger

Has to title the blog this way, because its about Sandy.

Since last few days Sandy has become paranoid (affected by a psychological disorder characterized by delusions of persecution or grandeur). And the cause is not a girl (Of course… Sandy !! forget it)…. oh by the way its not the lack of girls even… he is too experienced (5 years -DD) an IITian for that. So what’s it that is making this “really amazingly together guy” (frood) go insane. Its a combination of two things….

a lot of time… and…

the ultimate hitchikers guide to the galaxy

The guide is known to affect people historically. The one thing that a person ceases to have after reading it, is the sense of proportion.

Anyways, after loosing the sense of proportion, Sandy had a lot of time (being in 5th year) and he quite happily wastes it in relating every odd thing in life (universe and everything) to The Guide…. Things like: his underwears, his glasses, his exams, his guide (the DDP guide not the hitchhiker’s for a change). Not excluding his towel of course.

I have to relate this paranoid state of Sandy to The Guide. So I coined a word – the wowbagger syndrome.

One thought on “The wowbagger

  1. Since the subject of this blog happens to be me, so I find it my moral responsibilty to comment on it. Although I have lots of free time as blog itself suggests, but I will find some free time to write a comment asuming this itself is not a comment.

    See You Then

    For SPI
    Sandeep Gupta

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