An important day

Today is an important day of my life. I just want to remember the date. That’s why this post. There is nothing else to say.

Ya I know there is a risk that I may not be able to remember the fact that I need to remember something, but anyways if that happens then the thing I want to remember must have lost its importance. So its fair. 🙂

I feel like zaphod beebelbrox. Hell!! now I feel like Sandy. Read this.

3 thoughts on “An important day

  1. Anonymous says:

    So howz it important? Tell us more.

  2. Anyway why I am confused to read this confusing thing written by a confused man referring to a situation so horribly confusing that confusion itself does not confuse you enough as this confusion about other’s confusion does. So confusingly, I would ignore this as I am not able to see all this, as all this confusion lies in somebody else’s problem field.

    BTW do tell me more about it!

  3. Jeet says:

    oye.. why is it an important day for you? share !!

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