Time to write a long post

It’s been a long time since I had time enough to write something worthwhile. I think god has given me the chance today. I’m not feeling well and the doctor has asked me to take some rest. By the way, I could not understand why he took the decision to advice me that. He himself doesn’t seem to be sure about what’s wrong with me. He told me after a long diagnosis session that the problem is either in my stomach or in my forehead. Now THAT really is puzzling. Anyways, irrespective of whatever he concludes, one thing is sure, its time to change the way I live my life. I’ve not been sleeping at nights, I haven’t been eating things which “people” categorize under food for a while now, and I haven’t taken a haircut for some13 months now. Well this reminds me of Three Men in a Boat… and another opportunity to laugh at myself. Khair… chhodo.

Okay, the above lines were written on 4th of June. But I didn’t post them… generally. So, this is what I’m writing now (That is July 5th):
After a while the doctor finalized on “amoebiasis”. It’s not dangerous. It was just the shear magnitude of it that was causing me problems. Anyways, it helped a lot to have it. I feel much more human now. You want a proof, take this – I’ve taken a hair cut.

Anyways, for the previous post which I wrote some time back – for which a few friends demanded an explanation, I have this to say – forget it.

It was an important day. For sure. And THAT truth alone is earth-shattering. My expression may actually fail to explain why it was important. And I guess that was also the day, when I realized WHY some things are better unsaid.

3 thoughts on “Time to write a long post

  1. Jeet says:

    बहुत दुष्ट हो। कोई नहीं वहाँ अाके उगलवाना पडेगा। kya chal raha vaise? where did you disappear?

  2. Not disappeared actual. Taking some time off to repenish my energy sources 🙂

    I’m back!!

  3. Dadabhai says:

    No haircut in 13 months. Abhi kya kahu? Dronacharya ya bhishmacharya?

    Who? keep guessing!

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