Phir Wahi Talaash

Old Doordarshan serials are something that still keeps me mesmerized. Yesterday I bumped on to a gazal sung by chandan das, which used to be the title track of an amazing serial – “Phir wahi talaash”, aired on Sunday mornings 11:30 or 12. A realistic love story… from the teenage times of mine, when the mushiness has not evaporated. 🙂

So here goes the gazal …

न जी भर के देखा न कुछ बात की
बड़ी आरज़ू थी मुलाक़ात की

कई साल से कुछ ख़बर ही नही
कहाँ दिन गुज़ारा कहाँ रात की

उजालों कि परियां नहाने लगीं
नदी गुनगुनाये ख़यालात की

मैं चुप था तो चलती हवा रुक गयी
ज़बाँ सब समझते है जज़्बात की

सितारों को शायद खबर ही नही
मुसाफ़िर ने जाने कहाँ रात की

[Correction: this was not the title track. Title track was यूँ निकल पड़ा हूँ सफर पे मै… ]


250 thoughts on “Phir Wahi Talaash

  1. Rahul says:


    Dil dhoondta hai phir wohi doordarshan ke raat din, baithe rahe serial-e-jaari kiye hue 🙂

  2. wah wah! Bahut khub miyan!!

  3. Anurag says:

    Can you please point me the location where u bumped in to the Ghazal(Phir Wohi Talaash). I was trying very hard to get hold of it, I guess I did not tried harder, untill I came to ur blog.

    Thank you.

  4. Flower says:

    Can u get me the lyrics of another gazal from PHIR WAHI TALAAH? It was the title song. Some lines I remember are
    Kai Mod Aayenge Raah Mein , Kahin Thak Ke Baith Na Jaaon Main
    Meri Zindagi Ki HaquiQaton Ko Nai Hado Ki Talaash Hai.
    Wohi Patitan Na Hari Hui, JinHein Dhoop Mein Na Rakhaa Gayaa
    Unhe Dhoop Milni Hi Chahiye Jinhe Badlon Ki Talash Hai.

    • Arif says:

      I am also searching for this full ghazalfor year, one of the unforgettable words from childhood memories, millions like me and you would feel nostalgic to hear this ghazal or you can say title song sung by Chanda Dass …… At the end of every episode there was a shair sung by him , one of them you mentioned here still ecoes cleary in my ears and it was like

      “Jinhein chaon hi mein rakha gaya,wahi pattiyan na hari huyien
      Unhein dhoop lagni hi chahiye jinhein badlon ki talaash hai”

    • Sushil says:

      Bhai, you can checkout yourself. Now doordarshan has uploaded all the episodes on you tube.

  5. DEEPAK says:


  6. sheetal sharma says:

    it was a wonderful serial for me i heartly love it and its wonderful characters specialy padma and sahnaaz
    when i was 7 year old i saw that serial i have seen this serial 3 to 4 times and right now i found to cd of this serial otherwise clips of this serial from last 10 to 12 years i heartly touch with this serial

    title song is also i have in my heart
    “kabhi hadson ki dagar mile
    kabhi mushkilon ka safar mile -2

    ye charag hein meri rah ke -2
    mujhe manjilon ki talash hein

    koi ho safar mein jo sath de
    mein rookun jahan koi hath de

    meri manzilein abhi door hein
    mujhe raston ki talash hain
    mujhe raston ki talash hain…..”


    • robin roy says:

      dear sheetal,
      I am Robin Roy from Mumbai. I aws a die haed fan of ” phir Wohi Talash” specially the title song. I you wrote you have found the CD of this serial can you send me any of those episodes or name of the company which released the serial you can mail me. if you want any song you can get it from me if I have I will mail you


    • arun kumar dubey says:

      Dear sheetal,
      as i saw in mail that you found the CD of PHIR WOHI TALASH.would you like to tell me that which company realeased the cd or you can send me the cd of that serial.bcz Iam very fond of of this serial.Really I will highly obeliged to you.ny email id is ‘ am waiting for your respons.
      with warm regard’s
      arun kumar dubey

    • Aaftab says:

      Hello Sheetal,

      can you please tell me where can i get this video. Pls send information in my email id


    • Archana says:

      Dear Shital,
      This is my most favourite serial..
      I will be oblidged..if u can share from where u got the cd..since long trying to find the songs from internet ,…but all in vain..pls pls pls…let me know the source..pls..
      I can’t forget Padma, Shehnaz, Ashwin..ufff..

      Pls send me a mail on :

    • ahmer says:

      waah,bohat hi khoob sheetal.purani yaadein taaza ho gayeen.aapki yaadaasht badi hi kamaal hai.excellent poetry.

    • bobby says:

      thanks a lot…………..

    • shashikant says:

      can any one give me the trac to get this song

    • aman says:

      Sheetal ji
      i am a big fan of phir wahi talash, pdma and shenaaz. i was looking for its episodes online but they are showing only Alok Nath’s serial ‘Talaash’ Not this one. So please uplaod this serail on you tube if you have the CD

    • ajay sharma says:

      pl help me to revisit my class tenth ,pl how can i get the cd of my all time fav

    • vinesh says:

      dear sheetal ji
      could u plz tell me from where u found cd of phir wahi talash
      i also want tht

    • vijen says:

      shital ji,

      mujhe bhi is CD ki Talash hai .. ..

      i would be obliged if you provide me the source of that serial CD’s .

      thks n rgds

    • sachin pandit says:

      Madam ji agar apke pass iski cd hai to please tell me your address mera whats app no. 9639006030 Apka bahut abhari rahunga phir wahi talash me mere bachpan ki sari yade judi hai ise pake mujhe kitni khusi hogi mai bayan nahi kar sakta .

    • mayank says:

      maam , may i humbly request to either please upload this serial cd on youtube or can tell the source of cd from where i can get it …. i’ll be very very grateful to you ….

    • mukesh nautiyal says:

      Dear Sheetal

      please share Cd of this serial if you never mind, that are my life time mem serial please if you given that please write to me in my id …

    • Mandahas Salgaonkar says:

      Respected Shitalji kindly send me the name of the company that has realised the cds of Phir Wohi Talash. serial. my email adress is

    • Sanjai says:

      Koi ho safar mein jo sath de.
      Mein ruku jahan.. Koi hath de..
      Meri manzilein abhi door hai..
      Muje raston kee talash hai..

    • Mayank srivastava says:

      Ma’am would be highly obliged you can shayer it please mail id is

  7. Shibasis says:


    Can anybody tell me if the CD of “Phir wahi talaash” is available ??? If yes would appreciate if you could let me know contact details …. or contact me @

  8. Milan says:

    Hi all I have tried to find the CDs or DVDs for the very popular serial phir wahi talash…but all in vain…I have been searching for this serial title sound track in MP3 format but thats too not uploaded in any website on internet…lastly a friend of mine from delhi told that either most of the old serials of DD are lost or with the NFDC. So anybody out there who can contact to the NFDC people for these serials..if anyone have any friends working there can ask them for these soveniour bcoz a lot of people r out there to get this unique serials that touched the hearts of adults and even children.

  9. keshaav jain says:

    Doordarshan ka ya serial main aaj bhi dekhna chahta hoo
    kya iski CD ya DVD mil sakti hai kya…..actually is serial me kuch ache songs aur ghazals bhi hai……and i like it.

  10. Rakesh Malhotra says:

    yep, i agree with all of u, that was a damn good run to die for. My lovely young days those were and it coincided with that run. Poonam Rehani, i do not know where she is now, but still miss the smile. Some day, might be that i can see that run one another time.

  11. Anuska says:

    Does anyone have/can share the photo of Poonam rehani. I am dying to see it. Has she acted in any serial after that?? Where is she now?? Any news on her would be useful. Did she become poonam sarin after that? Whom did she marry btw??

  12. Pranav says:

    I would give anything just see that face again. Just one time… please anybody.

    you know my girl friend of old time looked like her. Her name was Vaishali – I lost her and I still cannot breath when I think about her.

    Just one glimps and I would say – I have done up with life and now rest in peace.

  13. Anuska says:

    Amazing that poonam has so many fans (die hard) given that she workd just in one serial. But it would be nice if we could have some images of our sweetheart. She must be what around 40 already now?

    • Mandahas Salgaonkar says:

      actually I saw Poonam in another serial also after phir wohi talash but that serial didn’t last for even five or six episodes. DD suddenly stopped it.

  14. Pranav says:

    You are right Anuska. I am 33 now. So she must be way beyond 40.

  15. Anuska says:

    What is interesting is there is not a single photo of hers available. Doesnt it sound ridiculous. I had some paper cuttings in the 1989-91 when the serial was on, lost them since then.

  16. Hashmat says:

    Is there anybody who have mp3 of phir wahi talash title song – Chandan Dass

  17. Anushka says:

    Is Phir wohi talash not available on youtube??

  18. sachin says:

    yarr koi meri jaan le le par phir wahi talash serial 1baar dikha de
    mera dil isse juda hai bachpan se hi
    kisi ke pass iski cd hai to wo mai kisi bhi keemat par purchase kar sakta hu
    if koi padma jaisi ladki hai to pls… send me msg. pls……………………

  19. sachin says:

    deepak aur anuska ke coments is best i wana to meet u and want to hale dil bayan karna about my feeling in this serial pls.. contact me
    anuska pls..send me u r mail

  20. Anil verma says:

    please arrange title song of tv serial ” Phir Wahi Tallash ”

    Anil Verma
    Mob 9810068132

  21. Amit says:

    hey i m also looking for the same title song of this serial … ” Phir Wahi Tallash ” ..plz tell where can i get

  22. Pranav says:

    Forget about songs friends. You can get it from Music World or something like that.
    How about a picture of her. Any lucky fellow has that.

  23. desinerd says:

    hi guys…
    i’m a great fan on those old DD serials, then i was 8-9 yrs old…btw from some of the sites i got to know that if someone is really interested to get hold of CDs/DVDs then he can get it from the NFDC, delhi… you can buy it from there, all the old DD serials are available for sale in CDs…can some one from Delhi/NCR confirm this fact, so that we can get it by ourself our thru some of our friends from delhi…thank you…

  24. Aakash says:

    Hi friends! I admire the quest of all of urs for pic, songs n serial. Actress of the serial “phir wohi talash” Padma is married in delhi. she just got married after the searial n she didn’t act in any other one after that.I hav her photos from old cutting. will try to upload it as soon as possible…

  25. Anuska says:

    Hi Aakash,
    You are raising the anxiety by promising to post the pictures. Everyone here is dying to see them. Upload them fast and many.

  26. rahul bansal says:

    Kahin Hadson ki dagar milen..
    Kahin muskilon ka safar milen..
    Ye chirag hai meri rah ke,
    Mujhe manjilon ki TALAASH hai!!
    Hai koi safar me jo saath de..
    Mai ruku jahan koi haath de…
    Meri Manzilen abhi door hai,
    Mujhe raaston ki TALAASH hai!!”

    Main udaas raasta hoon shaamka,
    Teri aahaton ki TALAASH hai
    Yeh sitare sab hain bujhe bujhe, Mujhe Jugnuon ki TALAASH hai.

    Woh jo ek dariya tha aag ka, Sabhi raaston se guzar gaya
    Hamein kab se ret ke sheher mein,
    nayi baarishon ki TALAASH hai…..???

    Meri Manzilen abhi door hai, Mujhe raaston ki TALAASH hai!!!!!!!!

    can anyone has in mp3 format

    • Shalu gupta says:

      वो जो बाग सारे उजाड़ दे मुझे ऐसा हार न चाहिए। मेरे आंशुओ को जो गूँथ ले……..की तलाश है Plz complete it

  27. Abhishek says:

    pl put all pic n titel song in mp3 format

  28. rupesh kumar sharma says:

    hi friends
    phir wahi talash serial cotain lots of memories of me.
    title song is also i have in my heart
    “kabhi hadson ki dagar mile
    kabhi mushkilon ka safar mile -2

    ye charag hein meri rah ke -2
    mujhe manjilon ki talash hein

    koi ho safar mein jo sath de
    mein rookun jahan koi hath de

    meri manzilein abhi door hein
    mujhe raston ki talash hain
    mujhe raston ki talash hain…..”


  29. anuska says:

    No photos yet of Poonam/Padma
    This is sad, talking so much about a person, whom we remember only in our minds. Amazing.

  30. JAIPAL SACHDEV says:

    Jo Khushi Gale Lage Na Kabhi
    Use Haske Gale Se Utar Do
    Karein Gardishon Se Woh Dosti
    Jinhe Asron Ki Talash Hai

  31. JAIPAL SACHDEV says:

    Hi Friends,

    that was really a beautiful title song. I can pay any amount to get that song.

  32. sangita says:

    Bahut dini ke bad purani yaade tazi ho gayee.Us time maine kisi tarf tape recorder me record kiya ye title song.Ab to wo cassette bhi kharab ho gayee.
    Purani baut sari serials hai,jo muze chahiye.
    Ek renuka shahane,kiran kumar aur smita …do not remember her name…do remember serial name also…was very good serial.

    Thanks for uploading the gazal

    • smile says:

      Sangita, i think the serial u mentioned is THODA SA AASMAAN (kiran kumar, smita)

    • SABIR ALI says:

      were you talking of serial SAILAAB by aanand rai starring renuka shahane ?
      it is my favourite serial. it was same time when phir wohi talash was telecast…. remarkable serials both. wo bhi kya din they.
      apni marzi se kahan apne safar ke hum hain…
      rukh hawaon ka jidhar ka hai udhar ke hum hain…..
      writer nida fazli , music talat aziz , singer jagjit singh all masters of their respective fields
      sabir ali

  33. K.SUNIL NAIR says:

    First of all I would like to thank Mr. Rahul Bansal and Mr. Rupesh Kumar Sharma for reproducing the famous ghazal of “phir wahi talash”, the serial was one of the best serial I have ever seen in the Indian tele screen, and I still remember it had wonderful actress Poonam Rehani, I think she acted in only one serial, but its really great that like me lot of people still remember her. This shows that acting is really an art, and actor or actress can make a mark even if they act in one single film or tv serial.

  34. anuska_bhatt says:

    Photos yaron??
    Do you even remember hwo she looked??

  35. jai says:

    poonam rehani was student of kanodia college jaipur

  36. anuska_bhatt says:

    This can be got from the web. However, wanted to know if there is a way to post a photo (image) on this interface if one wants to??

  37. Imran says:

    I am searching for this song. Such a wonderful song and nice serial.

    Thanks for posting the lyrics.

    If anyone could post the audio, it would be great.

  38. Abhishek says:

    Can any send me the link to download the title song

  39. rajkamal says:

    hey frnds m raj……student of
    indian institute of tourism and travel management gwalior ………..yaar plz koi to muje dila do is seril ka mp3 song……mai bahut hi jyada betab hu us song ko sun ne k liye….bachpan ka wo song bhualaye nahi bhul pata….shayad us song ko zindgi bhar nahi bhul paaunga wo meri bachpan ki yaado k saath juda hai….plz jis kisi k pas wo song ho ya cd ho plz contact me i can give any amount of this mail id nd cell no. is below
    cell no. 09039605813

  40. Anuska Bhatt says:

    Can we make efforts to get the CDs of this serial. With such a big fan following, it should not be difficult. We can then possibly upload it on youtube or so?

  41. ravi says:

    we can contact mr Lekh Tandon or the singer Chandan Dass for the song.What you people think.They would have this song.Atleast we can hope Mr Chandan Dass for that

  42. Abhishek says:

    Ravi. dude the idea is fabulous. but how and who can actually establish the contact.

  43. ravi says:

    Actually I live in Dubai but anyone who knows where Mr Chandan Dass or Mr Lekh Tandon lives I mean in which city then just leave the rest to me just tell me the name of the city of either of the legends.I can give rs 10,000 for that song.But once I get it u all will get that song that’s a promise.

  44. Vishal says:

    Please update the song on utube….thats last thing i want to hear…

  45. mukesh says:

    “phir wohi talash” is a unforgetable serial. I was in school that time. The male character was a doctor from safdarjung hospital. there was a ghazal in serial “mere humsafar mere saath tum sabhi mausamo main raha karo”. i am searching all the ghazals of this serial. it’s a very good day for me i read all the comments and feeling that i am surrounded with my friends, you, ofcourse. anybody wanna get in touch with me mail me @

  46. Rasheed says:



  47. Anushka Bhatt says:

    I have been begging the members of this group for a picture for almost two years now. But no response? Looks like we wont ever get it. Youtube now has several DD serials uploaded but the one which interests this group is still missing.

  48. Anuska Bhatt says:

    Reply from Mr lekh tandon, director, PWT

    Lekh Tandon

    To: Anuska Bhatt
    Cc: Lekh Tandon

  49. Ashutosh Saxena says:

    Peoples said, Naa jee bhar k dekha na kuch baat ki, badi aarju thi mulakat ki……………..

    But i would like to say that, koi louta de mere bite huye din, when we were used to watch tv with such a fabulous serials like Phir wohi Talaash, Sigma, Indradhanush, etc….

    Still I dont forget Shehnaz, who was the heart beat of youngsters of that time, (Even Padma was in lead Role)……

    Last but not least,Please start Phir Wohi Talaash, once again at Star, Zee, Colours Or anyone else.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. neeraj says:

    you can get video though it contain only picture of singer on youtube surch on google with same name

    the soap was great I was 5 yrs. then and the boy in serial was studing for Civils inspired me

    good luck to all

  51. shripad kulkarni says:


    I was in school. the TV was an attraction for all my friends. during those days `phir wahi talash` serial telecasted. I was regural viewer of that. the tital song still great one.
    any one can mail me that songs mp3 virsion

    • smarajit nayak says:

      can any one plz suggest where can i get the dvd or cd of phir wohi talash, wo hero ka naam sayad ashwini kumar tha, some one plz tell wher can i get the DVD / cd of phir wohi talash,

  52. neeraj says:

    कही हादसों की डगर मिले कही मुश्किलों का सफ़र मिले
    ये चराग है मेरी रह के मुझे मंजिलों की तलाश है

    है कोई सफ़र में जो साथ दे मई रुकू जहा कोई हाथ दे
    मेरी मंजिले आभी दूर है मुझे रास्तो की तलाश है

    मै उदाश रास्ता हूँ शम्मा का तेरी आहतो की तलाश है
    ये सितारे है साब बुझे बुझे मुझे जुगनुओ की तलाश है

    वो जो के दरिया था आग का साभी रास्तो से गुजर गया
    मुझे कबसे रेत के शाहर में नए बस्तियों की तलाश है

    मेरी मंजिले आभी दूर है मुझे रास्तो की तलाश है

  53. Bhunesh says:


    I got one mp3 song titled “phir wahi talsh:-YOON NIKAL PADAA HOON SAFAR PE MAIN” in

    Here is the weblink:

    Hope this is what many were looking for?


  54. Rakesh says:

    hello to all..

    what i say coz all feelings of mine been displayed here..
    PADMA is unforgetable for all us..
    i wil seriously trying the cd/dvd’d of phir wohi talash….
    contacts me on this

  55. ravi says:

    Sorry Bhunesh.Well tried but that is not the song we are looking for.

  56. Pannaga says:

    Found this on Youtube and LOVED IT!!!!

    Enjoy …


  57. Jyoti says:

    it was realy a nice serial.i wish it will start again

  58. A Fan says:

    It is a pity that a fan club of this size and still no pictures about Padma.

  59. Raj says:

    whosoever has seen that serial can never forget it….unfortunately no one has the pics of Poonam Rehani or the CD of title song. Yet another face I would like to add to the unforgetable faces of the yesteryears….Monika Lal of “Aisa Bhi Hota Hai” ..Anyone having any info ’bout her

  60. abhishek says:

    Guys any idea who sang this ghazal… mere humsafar mere saath tum

  61. Hi friends, I have this song in mp3. It is melodiously sung by chandan Das.

  62. Walker says:

    Folks ,

    Just chanced upon the thread for ‘Phir wahi Talash’ … Didn’t know there were so many followers ……….. I had the same feeling way back in the mid 90 s and I wished I had captured the serial ……… And as I was thinking this I heard someone say on TV — ‘ We will be re tele casting the serial ‘Phir Wahi Talash ‘ from next week …….. And guess what – I got my VCR ready and recorded all the episodes , one after the other ……….. Ever since I watched them once in 99 .. and they lie archived in my almirah in India ….

    So let s start the auction ……. Yeh khaalee peelee kee chahat hai ya people are really willing to pay …….. I shall get them done on a DVD and it shall go to the highest bidder ….. What say guys ? … Do I hear 10K ??

  63. aakash says:


  64. Danish Pareiera says:

    Put it on Youtube. Simple

  65. Mogli says:

    Very nice to see so many fans of Poonam Rehani. I just happened to remember the serial and was searching for it when i came across this site.

    I only remember her mesmerising smile. I was 10 yrs old i guess then. Even after 20 yrs i would trade everything i have earned, just to see her smile.

  66. Danish Pareiera says:

    Interestingly, there is a serial “Talash” on youtube, and interestingly has Neelima Azeem in it.

  67. Chris says:

    Agree with Mogli.

    I was around 12 yrs then and I still remember the way she looked, talked and everything.

    Those were nice days.

  68. Rajiv says:

    Pls guys if any 1 has the series pls tell I m keen to see the serial pls

  69. Ajeet Jain says:

    Hi and Namaste Friends,
    I want to be in the list of you admirers of Phir Wohi Talaash Serial.
    Though the main leads in that were nice actors,I personally liked Neelima Azeem’s character and her acting.
    I think she has been the Chirpiest,Vivacious,Impulsive and Naughty in that serial.
    Her appearance in the serial used to make the tense situations normal.
    She used to speak Urdu so well in that.
    I think that was her best work till date.
    Also I liked the concept that both the female friends had entirely different nature.
    I can write much more about it afterall it’s a nice nostalgia.
    I hope you like.

  70. Manasvi Sharma says:

    Like I said earlier , anyone willing to pay Rs 10K can have a copy . I do not live in India any more but can get this done as the cassettes are lying in India . Let me know .

  71. Ranjana says:

    Reading al the comments above moved me back to the time we enjoyed doordarshan………serials like Talash ,Kashish…..i remeber on para of it

    “Jise doop mai rkha gya wahi patthiya na hari hue jine chaw lgnee chahiye unhe badlo ki talash hai -2”

    Seriol was retelicasted in 2003

  72. veeru says:

    hi friends,
    I m also a big fan of the serial PHIR WAHI TALASH nd the title song as well. when i started to write my diaries i never forget to write the lines koi ho safar mein jo saat de mein rukoon jahan wahan haat de meri manzilein abhi door hain mujhe raston kin talaash hai on front page but since got married i stopped those lines but still a very big fan of the song nd serial but unfortunately i m not living in india since a decade but if anybody have got this song pls upload it in youtube.

  73. Harry Potter says:

    I think it is her. Can anyone contact her and get pictures etc.
    What is puzzling is her DOB which is 29 september 1963. I thought she was younger by atleast 5 years.

  74. FanPWT says:

    Actually, Miss Nidhi Verma (Kritika Kamra) in Kuch toh Log kahenge being currently aired on SONY TV is quite a bit like Punam Rehani.

  75. sunil sharma says:

    yaar ki to video,pics dal do poonam reahani ki,youtube par

  76. P.Srinivas says:

    One thing that keeps me hunting for the last 21 years is the incredible melodious title trck of Phir Wohi Talash, the bueautiful Hexagonal ace of Poonam (Padma), and cutest moschivous smile of sehnaz,these are still very fresh in my mind even afted near 2 dacades. Hopefully and very soon we will hear the title trac in the very melodious voice of Chandan Das.

    Mana manjilen haszR hai, mujhe raston ki talash hai.

    Phir Wihi Talash . . . . . . . .

  77. Charul Shukla says:

    I Agree with all of you, it’s may be one of the few serials i wish to see again and again, but all efforts gone waste to find it anywhere.

    However i am able to get some hold on Ms. Poonam info, She is happily married after this serial and shifted to delhi and living a blessed life with 2 kids and family.

    I am really sorry to say, i can not share any more personal information without her consent. but she is still as charming and as it could be 🙂

    • Atul Varma says:

      Dear Charul,
      As you see from the comments, a lot of us are very keen to have some snaps of the serial and her. Since she disappeared from the TV scene almost 2 decades ago, all of us only have very fading memory of hers. I hope she would oblige. I also hope she does not take this as an infringement on her privacy. But you can possibly inform about a huge demand from this forum about posting some clippings of PWT.

  78. smarajit nayak says:

    is serial ka dvd kahanpe milega koi to bolo, nahi to mail me at
    thanks all

    • fan_PWT says:

      It is shame that we do not have a single episode of the serial. What surprises me though is that quite a few other obscure serials are available on youtube. Does anyone know if any of the episodes is available on youtube.

  79. Naiyer Aazam says:

    PHIR WOHI TALAASH yeh serial kabhi nahi bhool sakta aur shayad bhulaya ja bhi nahi sakta hai, Mujhe aap sabhi logon se ye guzaarish hai koi bhi CDs libarary/shop ya aur koi resources ke zariye us poore episodes ki CDs mil sakti hai, to mujhe bataye aap logon ki bahut meharbani hogi. Mera email hai

  80. fan_PWT says:

    Punam sarin is on facebook. May be some of you guys can get in touch with her and ask her for some pictures from the serial, infact may be a CD or videos.

  81. Punam Sariien says:

    Hi Guys! It is really heartening to see such a nice response to our work even after 2 decades.

    I must let you all know that we do not have either CDs or tapes of this work that was created so beautifully by the very well respected Films Director, Mr. Lekh Todon and the writer,Shri Reoti Saran Sharma and of course,the Delhi Doordarshan.It is rather sad that their tapes were not preserved properly and as such the quality must have really deteriorated by now.

    However I will try to see if I can lay my hands on whatever they have. Till then, all of you, take care

    Lots of Love,

    Punam Rehani/Punam Sarin (now)

    • Hello Punam Ji,

      Great to receive a comment from you. If you remember, you did reply to me on Facebook a few months back. I was thinking of posting the reply here, but nothing like a direct reply from you to the fans here. Thanks 🙂

      And yes, great works do transcend beyond its own time!


    • Anuradha saxena says:

      Dear poonam,
      A big Hi! Remember the Kanodia college days.Man-where are you.I have been trying to get hold of your number.Do get in touch and Happy birthday to you!!

      Anuradha Saxena

    • Mahendra Singh, Ph.D., Minneapolis, USA says:

      Respected Punam Ji,

      I just do not have words to describe how much I loved that serial and especially your work in it. Wow…such a graceful persona and character you played….its so sad that we could not see you again on screen and lost a very talented actor in you…but I am also very happy to know that you are settled in personal life which is also very important ….May god bless you and your family…


    • Your Fan says:

      Dear Mam,
      Have you had any success?? We all are waiting for ever for the same. Also, could nt your co-starts, Neelima Azeem, Rajesh Khattar or others have some, pictures, clippings etc.

    • Dilawar says:

      hi punamji
      aap ka ek photo us time ka plz yaadein taja ho jaigi

    • vinesh says:

      Respected Punam ji

      Its nice to hear you through this page after such a long time i was in 11th class at that time. i am very fond of tht serial
      may god bless you always

    • Dilawar says:

      Hi Punamji
      mere paas phir wohi talaash serial pura h maine aap ko facebook per frid req bheji h maine is serial ko talaash kar liya h

    • Sid Thakur says:

      Thank you so much for Your reply Poonam Ji…
      We really enjoyed watching you and trust me we all miss you so very much !

      Sudhir Sid Thakur

    • Mandahas Salgaonkar says:

      Hello Punamji.
      It’s wonderful to hear from you. As all others in this group I am a great fan of PWT and specially you. Even afer such a long period of time I could not forget the beauty of the serial.
      It’s very sad that the tapes were not properly preserved by DD staff and we don’t have much hope of watching the serial again.
      The makers of the serial will never know how much they have benefited our lives. The young man’s urge for study and the selfless love for the girl. And the love of the girl for him so much so that she abondens her fathers wealthy choice and comes back to her lover.The writer was simply too good.
      We don’t really see such a beautiful stories nowadays.
      It was the most beautiful serial and you are the most beautiful actress I have ever seen.
      Please don’t forget the many people like me have not lost the hope of watching the serial. Please do something in this regard.
      Greetings to you and your family members.

    • Sudhir Sid Thakur says:

      Dear Punam ji

      So many Wishes for you, recently Doordarshan started rerun of “phir wohi talaash” on Saturday and Sunday 7 pm in the evening and trust me I am so glued to the screen.. so beautiful it was back then and so mesmerising it is even today.. that innocent aura still permeates and i longed to see this serial once again in life time and here my this wish also came true in 2020… I am happy that i was born in that era where simplicity was so profound and full of warmth and love…

      So nostalgic so full of yesteryears golden days and it is burning bright in our lives and keeping us full of hope…
      We also want to know if you are in touch with Narendra ji too.

      We all love you and wish you well…

      May God bless you

      Warm regards and hugs

      Sudhir Sid Thakur

  82. HI says:

    Hi Poonam ji,

    This is Prof from IIT who had left a message on your facebook. Sorry but cannot reveal identity here. It is wonderful to see you settled down with such lovely kids and a husband who looks so much caring. I must have been 15 when I saw PWT, and had a huge appreciation for you which has continued to date. You are probably the first person I liked other than family and so you have been very very special. I can vouch for thousands for whom you are so very special and we wish you a very best in your life and may your kids and husband do wonderfully in life.

    It was very sad though that you quit so early. I still remember you and Mr Mayur (look alike of amitabhji and who played child artist for him in his early films) hosting a show once, I also remember you featuring in the RIN ad. That is all that I remember, after which I got caught in my Engineering, PhD Postdoc etc ultimately ending up as faculty in IIT.

    We find Ms Krithika Kamra from Kuch to log kahenge very similar to you in looks and demeanor.

    Best wishes and hope we can get some episodes uploaded on YouTube.

    BTW, there are several other forums on the internet discussing PWT and you can be really proud to have a such a huge fan following.

  83. Mukesh kaneri says:

    Some body please provide me the link of the song or serial ////// 🙁

  84. Mukesh kaneri says:

    type this link and find the name ashwani kumar .Call on mentioned landline numbers and asked them to get in touch with him. They will surely connect you.. and then have a word with him regarding the copies of the serial…


  85. Shirish says:

    You tube seems to have videos for most old DD serials. Phir Wohi Talash is sadly missing. Are there still photos atleast from the serial?

  86. Deepak Vashist says:


    Poonam ji, I can’t believe that I saw you after such a long time… You are still very beautiful…

    I forgot all my works during the episode time. I am dying to see PWT once again…

    Hopefully someone get and upload it to YouTube soon…

    With lots of LOVE,


  87. PWT_Fan says:

    Dear Punamji,
    Can you post a few pictures (from your collection) of the serial or send it to the blog manager so that he can post it at some site.


  88. sanjiv sharma says:


  89. PWT_Fan says:

    Dear Nikhilesh Ghushe
    Let me first thank you for the great blog. It has enabled bringing together so many fans. However, I feel, getting some pictures, clippings and music of the serial on this site is going to make it much more important. As you see from the comments, most members have and are trying. Would be good if you could initate something as the owner of the blog.

  90. Mahendra Singh says:

    Wow, you all reminded my golden old days too….wow…what a beautiful lady Punam Rehani ji was…so much grace … after reading you all I can assume that most of the guys of my generations admired Punam….I just do not have words to say my feelings…Phir wahi talash was my favorite serial I used to wait for sunday…

    May be we can have a fan page on facebook dedicated to Punam and her great inspiring work in phir wahi talash…

  91. Adit Lawyer says:

    when i was young i used to watch this serial every week… and then in the end of the serial, there was these lines of the title song… a different para each time and i used to write down in my diary… i will see if i can find that diary…then i wil share the whole song with you guys ! :))

    • Akhilesh Malviya says:

      HI. Its nice to have some ppls remembering phir wahi talash.
      If I recall correctely those lines were as:
      ‘mere humsafar mere sath tum har mausamo main raha karo’
      kabhi dard ban ke baha karo kabhi … karo

      If u got those lines form ur diary. pls share with me at my above mail id.
      thx dear.

    • Ram says:

      Woh pattiyan na hari hui, jinhe tu rakha tha chhaon ke liye,
      unhe dhoop lagni hi chahiye, jinhe baarishon ki talash hai.

  92. Lucky says:

    Dear all,
    Any luck with videos/images of PWT?

  93. bobby says: i know that im not alone.we all have this lovely serial and haunting melodies in our heart..what a great title track…kabhi hadson ki dagar mile………………

  94. Virain says:

    I also got sum fade memories of the title song. It was definitely nt the title song, title song was a fast track than dis and even nt sung by Chandan Das. The title song starts from KABHI HAADSON KI DAGAR MILE KABHI MUSHKILON KA SAFAR MILE YE CHARAAG HAIN MERI RAAH K INHEIN MANZILON KI TALAASH HAI,, KOI HO SAFAR MEIN JO SAATH DE MAIN RUKOON JAHAAN KOI HAATH DE MERI MANZILEIN ABHI DOOR HAIN MUJHE HAUNSLON KI TALAASH HAI………… Dr Ashwini Kumar was the lead actor in dis serial… And one more thing about dis serial , there is a ghazal in female voice of this serial MERE HUMSAFAR MERE PAAS TUM, KABHI MAUSAMON MEIN MILA KARO>> Really guyz i miss both of these very desperately. If anyone got anything related to dis Serial, plz upload, for desperate people like me… Regards

  95. amrita says:

    hey guys, i have some of those gazals…….i loved the serial n the cast……i was just 8-9 yrs old………nostalgic n mesmerizing

    koi dard ho ya ho khusi, koi khwab ho ya haqueekatein,
    jaha sach ke chehre dikhai de, unhe aaino ki talaash hai

    wo jo baag saara ujaar de , mujhe aisa haar na chahiye,
    mere aasuoo ko jo guth le, unhe dooriyon ki talaash hai

    jise doob jaane ka khauf ho, kabhi ghar se wo chala hi kyu,
    kare aandhiyo ka muqabla, jinhe saahilo ki talaash hai

  96. K D Joshi says:

    You see, during the afternoon network, which DD started later on(I am talking about the (Pre-SHANTI era)
    there was one serial used t be aired named:
    (Remember: SHAKTIMAAN’s Dr.Jackal)
    Good serial. Lalit played a teacher in that serial.
    Some other serials in that N/W:
    Aangan ke sanjeevak
    Best out of Waste
    Chatpati Baatein
    …….Remember all this?????????

  97. Walker says:

    Folks ,

    As mentioned earlier , I do have the complete serial recorded when it was broadcast a 2nd time on DD … Have those video cassettes somewhere in India (not preserved though) …

    On my next visit to India ( 2014-15) , I shall see what state they are in and shall upload them to You Tube ….

    It was indeed a very lovable serial and I was just too excited when it was broadcast for a 2nd time …. Glad to know there are so many fans !!!

    • Naveen Kumar says:

      Hi Walker,

      Have you uploaded the complete serial on youtube? If you have, please let me know as I am not able to find it.



    • Asheshwar says:

      Dear Walker
      2015 has started. When can we expect good news of the serial episodes being uploaded by you.
      Bahhot Logon Kee gpod wishes you will get. I swear.
      YOur cintact me on for giving the news. Hopefully that the cassettes are in good condition and you have uploaded them successfully.
      God Bless

  98. PWT_FAN says:

    Dear Walker,
    I am sure Miss Punam Sarien would also be happy to know this. There is a huge anxiety in anticipation and everyone on this forum will be tremendously grateful to you if you could expedite it in some way.

  99. Raghuvir singh chauhan says:

    “Phir wohi talash” was my all time favorit serial.
    We never forget this love story of Padma and Ashwini
    (We never forget Padma’s smile)
    How we can get this serial dvd. I can do anythig for this serial
    I want to go back in my childhood and live those moments again

  100. PWT Fan says:

    We salute your beauty mam. Most of us will still not debate that you were the first one whom we fell in love with and havent yet found anyone more beautiful.

    Amazing, and so sorry that we could not see more of you.

  101. Pravin says:

    I also die hard fan of Poonamji, can any body forward the current phtograph of her and her family.

  102. Dilawar says:

    ye serial ke bare mai kya kahna is ke liye koi lafaj nahi mai is ko kabhi nahi bhol sakta ho iske bare mai koi jankari ho to plz batana

  103. Dilawar says:

    hi poonamji
    is serial ki yaadein aaj bhi jehan mai taza h dil se dekha tha is se achcha phir koi bana hi nahi kash ye kahi par mil jay mai is ko kab se bhi khoj raha ho aap ke bare mai hi ab ja ke pata chala h koi bhi chich is se judgi ho to plz mail karna koi photo koi bhi

  104. Deepak Saini says:


  105. Dilawar says:

    koi jankari main hero ashwini kumar ke bare mai ho to batana laha hai aur kya kar rahe h aur ek photi padma ka plz

  106. v.k.goel says:

    video featuring Poonam Rehani singing Mere hum Safar mere saath Tum,Sabhi Mausamo mein Raha karo.Wherefrom can I have this

  107. Manoj Karnani says:

    Dear All, some body has found cd of this serial try on you tube

  108. vishal b says:

    Resp. Punamji,
    Do dashak bad aap ke
    Ke bare me pata chala. PWT me kabhi bhool nahi sakta. Mai wos wakt 8 sal ka tha tabse muze aajtak koibhi TV serial pas and nahi aaya. Specially padmaji ki smilee bhul nahi salta.
    Punamji agar aapko Dr. Ashwini Kumar ke bare me kuch pata ho to please bataye.
    Thanking you

  109. Sajid says:

    Full Title song ..

    फ़िर वही तलाश

    कभी हादसों की डगर मिले…कभी मुश्किलों का सफ़र मिले
    ये चराग़ हैं मेरी राह के…मुझे मंज़िलों की तलाश है!!

    कोई हो सफ़र मे जो साथ दे…मैं रुकुं जहाँ कोई हाथ दे
    मेरी मंज़िलें अभी दूर है…मुझे रास्तों की तलाश है!!

    मैं उदास रस्ता हूँ शम्मा का…तेरी आहटों की तलाश है
    ये सितारे सब हैं बुझे बुझे…मुझे जुगनुओं की तलाश है!!

    वो जो दरिया था एक आग का…सभी रास्तों से गुज़र गया
    हमें कबसे रेत के शहर में…नयी बस्तियों की तलाश है!!

    जो खुशी गले ना लगे कभी…उसे हंस के गले से उतार दो
    करें गर्दिशो से वो दोस्ती…जिन्हें आसरों कि तलाश है!!

    कयी मोड़ आयेंगे राह् में…कहीं थक के बैठ ना जाऊँ मैं
    मेरी ज़िन्दगी कि हकीकतों…को नयी हदों की तलाश है!!

    कोई दर्द हो या हो खुशी…कोई ख्वाब हो या हकीकतें
    जहाँ सच के चेहरे दिखायी दे… उन्ही आइनो की तलाश है!!

    वो जो बाग् सारा उजाड दे… मुझे ऐसा हार नहीं चाहिये
    मेरे आसुओं को जो गूंथ ले… उन्हीं दूरियों की तलाश है!!

    जिसे डूब जाने का ख़ौफ हो… कभी घर से वो चला ही क्यों
    करे आंधियों का मुकाबला… जिन्हे साहिलों की तलाश है!!

    जिसे धूप मे रखा गया…वही पत्तियां ना हरी हुयीं
    जिन्हे छांव लगनी चाहिये… उन्हे बादलों की तलाश है!!

    वही पत्तियां ना हरी हुयीं…जिन्हें धूप में ना रखा गया
    उन्हें धूप मिलनी ही चाहिए…जिन्हें बादलों कि तलाश है!!

  110. Sajid says:

    Full Title Song in English

    Kabi Haadson Ki Dagar Milen…Kabhi Muskilon Ka Safar Milen
    Ye Charag Hain Meri Raah Ke…Mujhe Manjilon Ki Talash Hai!!

    Koi Ho Safar Me Jo Saath De…Main Rookun Jahan Koi Haath De
    Meri Manzilen Abhi Door Hain…Mujhe Raaston Ki Talash Hai!!

    Main Udaas Raasta Hoon Shaama Ka…Teri AaHaton Ki Talash Hai
    Ye Sitare Sab Hain Bujhe Bujhe…Mujhe Jugnuon Ki Talash Hai!!

    Wo Jo Dariya Tha Ek Aag Ka…Sabhi Raaston Se Guzar Gaya
    Hamein Kabse Ret Ke Shaher Main…Nayi Bastiyon Ki Talash hai!!

    Jo Khushi Gale Na Lage Kabhi…Use Haske Gale Se Utar Do
    Karein Gardishon Se Woh Dosti…Jinhe Aasron Ki Talash Hai!!

    Kayee Mod Aayenge Raah Mein…Kahin Thak Ke Baith Na Jaaon Main
    Meri Zindagi Ki HaquiQaton Ko…Nai Hado Ki Talash Hai!!

    Koi Dard Ho Ya Ho Khusi…Koi Khwab Ho Ya Haqueekatein
    Jaha Sach Ke Chehre Dikhai De…Unhe Aaino Ki Talaash Hai

    Wo Jo Baag Saara Ujaar De…Mujhe Aisa Haar Nahi Chahiye
    Mere Aasuoon Ko Jo Gooth Le…Unhee Dooriyon Ki Talaash Hai

    Jise Doob Jaane Ka Khauf Ho…Kabhi Ghar Se Wo Chala Hi Kyun
    Kare Aandhiyo Ka Muqabla…Jinhe Saahilo Ki Talaash Hai

    Jise Dhoop Mai Rakhaa Gaya…Wahi Pattiyan Na Hari Hui
    JinHein Chawn Lagnee Chahiye…Unhe Badlo Ki Talash Hai

    Wohi Pattiyan Na Hari Hui…JinHein Dhoop Mein Na Rakhaa Gayaa
    Unhe Dhoop Milni Hi Chahiye…Jinhe Badlon Ki Talash Hai!!

  111. Ashok Patil says:

    Dear guys and girls….. What a pleasant reading you all offered here and while enjoying each and every syllable here praising that one of the lovely serials and in that line your love and appreciation of that sweet girl namely Punam Rahani (later Sarin). She deserves this praise so richly and I do remember those days of 1989 and particularly Sunday when our anxiety even before commencement of the serial……Padma and Shehnaz had become part of the family and Punam was the girl whose just silent appearance on screen was enough to win the hearts of each every member of the family. Such a classic presentation from Mr. Lekh Tandon and Revati Saran Sharma.

    I checked this conversation, among all, has started in January 2006….Gosh, now its final months of 2014….8 years completed and it is charming feeling that we are so happy and showing dearest concern with the serial Phir Wohi Talash and leading lady Punam Rehani…..I read her reply and I wish her lovely Sansaar all the best and God is there to shower His Blessings on all the dear ones around her.

  112. Naveen says:

    All I can say is that those were the best days of my life. I have always been in love with this serial. Those days of innocence romance can never be forgotten. Can anyone guide me as from where I can get cd/dvd of this serial or a link to download it.

    Naveen Mathur

  113. Asheshwar says:

    Kitney afsoos kee baat heye ke ye serial ka episode hum itney sarey fans aaj tak nahin Dhoond paye. Aap meye seye kai DO walon ko janenen Wales honey. Nahin bhee hein to let’s make a forum to either release the CD’S of this serial or telecast it once again after giving it good publicity so that we are aware of the re telecast

  114. Finley says:

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  115. meraj says:

    hey guys, i am also among you.
    i am looking for video clips of the all time favorite serial PHIR WOHI TALASH.
    But i could not find anything except very small clip and title song on youtube.
    By chance i came across you all guys comments while i was searching for clips for PHIR WOHI TALASH serial and i joined you all in praising wonderful Punam Rehani. But unfortunately, we don not have any clip of her on youtube. I am looking forward for more clips. Wish Punam Rehani a happy lifefull journey.

  116. rajeev says:

    To see the serial ,in those days i used to think that i would also romance with a beauty beside the ganga river in patna college.but unfortunately that moment is yet to come , i m nt sure if it come or not ,bt this post really thrill me a lot .thank to deep of my heart ,

  117. rajeev says:

    Wo jo muddatto (for years) se mere sath tha

    Mera dahina (right) hath tha!

    Mere zindghi se nikal gaya ,

    Mujhe saharo ki talash hai!!!!!

  118. sachin pandit says:

    My whats app no. 9639006030
    Please contact me for phir wahi talash

  119. Yesudas says:

    Hi all ” I am from Kerala… a Madrasi as you northies call… Isn’t it.. Ha ha whatever

    .. In my younger years there were no regional broadcastings and we had to depend on DD programs … And by luck We Got the PWT…. I still remember the ragging scene on the first day of our heroes college day… our hero keeps a rose at our padmas feet’ am I right guys?..anyways.. Aaj mein Hindi Samajtha hoon tho.. Sirf is serial ki waje se…aur aaj phir wohi Talaash ….. woh beetein huuein pal keliyea… Hame madath chahiyeah aaplokon ki… Ek Bar aaur Padma ko PWT mein Dekhne keliyea.. I donno whether my lines in Hindi were OK.. But to assure you all feelings twds the PWT made me do it.. Get me the link or CD/ DVD ..whatever… Just call me on 09020880206 / mail :

  120. Nirankar says:

    Dear sheetal,
    as i saw in mail that you found the CD of PHIR WOHI TALASH.would you like to tell me that which company realeased the cd or you can send me the cd of that serial.bcz Iam very fond of of this serial.Really I will highly obeliged to you.ny email id is ‘ am waiting for your respons.


    with warm regard’s

  121. Shailesh says:

    Seeing Neelima Azim in Shahid Kapoor’s wedding photographs brought back my memories of PWT. Poonam Rehani, Neelima Azim , Dr. Ashwini Kumar , S M Zaheer, Rajesh Khattar and who will forget Poonam’s tyrant father. What an apt role he was in. All these once upon time had become part of our family who used to visit us every Sunday. What a classic PWT was especially in comparison of what we see on TV today. Love should be so deep, so intense , so simplistic and so sacrificing. Thanks to Ms. Rehani and Dr. Ashwini for bringing this out in their acting and touching our hearts. Was surprized to read that old school teacher in Swades and grandfather of Shah Rukh in Chennai express was none other than legendary Lekh Tondon, the director of PWT.

    • Vinod says:

      i also used to like most of the serials played in doordarshan two decades ago. a lot of comments about the lead character padma portrayed by ms. Poonam Rehani. ha! infact i also thought so. there was a lot of beauty or thoughtfulness in the way she was enacting. quite subtle…under the legendary director. i have never seen such a wonderful lady on a small screen since then. i am not surprised when we all stand up and say ‘we need to have a glimpse of padma’ 🙂

  122. Vinod says:

    i used to like most of the serials played in doordarshan two decades ago. Phir Wahi Talaash was like a cool breeze, so romantic and thoughtful. a lot of comments about the lead character padma portrayed by ms. Poonam Rehani. ha! infact i also thought so. there was a lot of beauty or thoughtfulness in the way she was enacting. quite subtle…under the legendary director. i have never seen such a wonderful lady on a small screen since then. i am not surprised when we all stand up and say ‘we need to have a glimpse of padma’ 🙂

  123. Alexander Pinto says:


    Have read practically every comment given in this blog, in fact I remembered the serial but couldn’t get the title of the serial for so many months. I remembered the lead actors. Have been scouring You Tube for months now, but no luck, only the other day I happened to find a clip of the title song on YT by chance and ever since the flood of memories of bygone days have taken over my mind.

    Trust me, and I know you would all believe me, its a heady feeling remembering those good old days.

    Todays eat, drink, make merry generation can never be able to contemplate the innocence of an amorous relationship of our times.

    So much has been said about Ms. Poonam Sarin and Dr. Ashwini Kumar, what more do I add?

    Let me try! First Padma’s portrayed a mild, reticent character played by Ms. Sarin while she was complemented by the vivacious, ebullient Shehnaaz, played by Neelima Azeem.

    The male protagonists were just delightful to watch in Dr. Ashwini Kumar and S M Zaheer romancing their love interests.

    Fantastic to say the least!

    Beautiful and elegantly created!

    Kudos to the whole cast and crew!


  124. jayesh shah says:

    i was in std. 10th that time…. still i am not forgett that seriol

  125. Pravas kumar Das says:

    In that time i am PG 1st yr.really that type of heart touching lovestory never seen yet…kash ek baar phir se tv pe……..Kaha gaye. Wo saaf sutra serial bala din……..

  126. Writer_mommy says:

    Someone here offered to convert his videocassettes into youtube videos. Any luck? Ever since I saw this thread, I have been overcome by nostalgia.

    Anyone have contacts at Doordarshan?

  127. yogaish says:

    Meri zindagi mein ab raha hi kya jise pane ka junoon ho
    Meri har dagar pe kuch swal hain… mujhe kuch jawaboon ki talash hai

    may be i am not totally correct lyrically in second line..

    but ufff what a serial i use to write in diary at the end of every episode, whom i miss badly. Koi lauta de mere bete hui din…. in those days i was on Std 9 and i am eagerly waiting sudays to see none other than PADMA my teenage crush.
    Can some one, some one provide me the exact address where in got the PWT full episode.

  128. ritu jain says:

    Hi guys!
    PWT…Outstanding serial n starcast. Do anyone knows about Dr ashwini kumar? Where is he? I think he is a very senior doctor settled in delhi. If anyone knows about him den pls let me know..i am very desperate to know about him. He n poonam rehani did a wonderful job in PWT.
    I Wish both of them a very happy life…
    My mail id is

  129. ritu jain says:

    Hi guys!
    PWT…Outstanding serial n starcast. Do anyone knows about Dr ashwini kumar? Where is he? I think he is a very senior doctor settled in delhi. If anyone knows about him den pls let me know..i am very desperate to know about him. He n poonam rehani did a wonderful job in PWT.
    I Wish both of them a very happy life…


  130. Raj says:

    I have lots of memories. When this serial was aired i broke up with my girlfriend. It was not possible to get married and we decided to separate. I used to watch this serial with tears in my eyes. What a romantic series it was! I want watch it again. Please send me link.

  131. sam says:

    If anyone has a cassette/cd/dvd, I will pay him/her 10K

  132. Rajiv Shastri says:

    Dear friends,
    I am in search of all the episodes of the tv serial – phir wohi talaash” aired on DD but could not find the same. Anyone who have, please send me or send the address from where I can have those and oblege.

    I am a great fan of Poonam.

  133. Dixita says:

    Guys, any info about poonam? Still no trace of her.

  134. ashok shukla says:

    Popularity of fir wahi talash was amazing. ..

  135. Mukesh Singhal says:

    I just loved this serial. I remember I was in class X at the time, when this serial was aired.

    Punam is on Facebook. You can find her by typing her name.

  136. Sid Thakur says:

    Phir wohi Talash…

    This link will help all the nostalgic souls…

    Best Regards,
    Sid Thakur

    Thankyou Poonam Ji… We love you We Miss you…!

  137. ANAND says:

    Dear All,

    Found something which everyone will like.

    Title track of “Phir Wohi Talash”


  138. ANAND says:

    Another good song from the same serial.

    Some more information to share.

    Shehnaz in this serial is actually Neelima Azeem who is Shahid Kapoor’s Mother.

  139. KAMAL JAIN says:


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  141. Indu says:

    Abhi to bahot se fans h jo is list me nhi aa paye…m ye serial yaad b nhi kb dekha tha….bt iska song hmeaha juban pr hi rhta tha.,…Koi ho safar me jo sath de, M rukun jahan koi hath de , meri manjile abhi door hain,. Mujhe raston ki talash hai….. I really wish k ye serial ki cd kahin se bhi mil jae…. Ya koi magic ho or ye dobara telecast ho jae…. Tv pr….agr aap me se kisi ko b iski cd ya online jankari mile to pls share with me..
    Iske full song lyrics k lie b bahot bahot thanku


  142. LastMelina says:

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  143. HeartbrokenForMissingEnd says:

    Can someone tell me how it ended – did Dr ashwini and Poonam /Padma get together in the end ?

    I somehow missed few episodes towards the end as I was in 10th grade and was preparing for SSC exams and have stayed heart broken since then …

  144. Deepak says:

    Anybody knows where is dr. Ashwani?

  145. Rx says:

    Search for Punam Sarin on Facebook

  146. KelleJuicy says:

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    know that writing posts is boring and time consuming.

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  147. Dr. Yogesh Salavi, Mumbai says:

    Hi friends. M Degree College Professor by profession.
    I ws school boy and hardly 9-10 years old when Phir Wahi Talaash ws aired on DD. Not even a single episode missed by me.
    M the extreme fan of Poonam Sarin, rather though i ws a school boy, she ws the first and last crush for me.
    Frankly speaking i used to think of me in place of Ashwini Kumar at that time.

    Still memories of that serial upsets me a lot.

    I am so happy to see the great number of fan followers of Poonamji and PWT.

    Friend we all are no where in contact with each other so difficult to form a common platform. But what we can do is, we can individually write a letter/e-mail to DD to re-telecast this serial. After getting huge number of demand letters/ mails, DD ll definitely re-telecast it.

    One thing i must mention abt title song. Though its more related to this serial, but actually the wordings gives us “hope” in life, makes our mind to struggle and face problms optimistically and once we ll get success. It gives positive thinking towards life. Says… never give up in your life….

    I would like to live in memory of Poonamji forever.

  148. Anwar Ali says:

    Padma aur Ashwini ke Sachche pyar par aadharit serial Phir Wohi Talash aaj bhi mere zehan par apni puri tasveer liye huye hai… Us waqt me 11th Class me science ka student tha … Us zamane me log aisi hi mohabbat ke qaayal the …Har ek ladka apne aapko ko Ashwini me dekhta tha aur har ladki apne aap ko Padma me talash karti thi… Us pyar mohabbat ki baat hi kuch aur thi… Jisne bhi mehsus kiya hai wo umar bhar nahi bhool paya hai… Har ek ki dastan Padma aur Ashwini se kafi match karti huyi nazar aati thi…. Serial se aisa mehsus hota tha mano ke ye apni hi kahani chal rahi ho… Har ek character ki acting ka jawab nahi .. aur phir serial ka Title song..Kabhi hadson ki dagar mile ne char chand laga diye the …Serial ke beech me Na jee bhar ke dekha aur mere humsafar mere sath tum jaisi ghazlon ne dilon ko apna ghulam bana liya tha … Aaj bhi hum log us serial ke episodes ko You Tube par talash karte phirte hain lekin sirf nirasha hi hath lagti hai….. Agar kisi ke pass is serial ke sabhi episodes hon to plz you tube par upload kar den … Ya kisi ke pass ho to mujhe email kar den plz …mera email hai… Waise hum sabhi production house se bhi request kar rahe hain ke is serial ko phir se shuru kara den ya iske sabhi episodes ko You Tube par upload kar den..


    • Sudhir Sid Thakur says:

      Dear Friends,

      Recently Doordarshan started rerun of “phir wohi talaash” on Saturday and Sunday 7 pm in the evening and trust me I am so glued to the screen…

      Please do watch the show again… It’s wonderful !
      It’s Saturday today again and it’s at 7 pm on Doordarshan !!!

      Don’t miss it buddies !

      Warm wishes
      Sudhir Sid Thakur

  149. Hemant Patel says:

    I read all comments on one of the best TV serial ‘Fir vohi talash’. The serial is very good, I think all DD serial is good, but this was a amazing.
    Muje bahot Khushi hui Sab comments padhke. Me bhi ye serial barsose dhundh Raha hu khas Karke episode ke last me Jo ghazal aathi thi vo muje bahot Pasand thi.
    Jo DD Ka jamana tha vo golden period that Sab ke liye, kya Kamal ke TV serial aate the. Aaj itni sari channel hai par vo bat Nahi.
    Serial ki story or Kam Karne valo ki bahot charcha hui hai par ek bat ye serial me thi Jo muje aaj bhi yad hai.
    Ashvini Jo notes proffesar ko dete hai usme aazadi ke bare me Likha tha vo aaj bhi meri diary me likha hai
    Aazadi: “Aazadi sirf aazad hone me nahi hai, aazadi in me hai, jinme hum vo ban sakte hai, Jo hum banna chahte hai”
    Last me bahot Khushi hui ke aaj bhi bahot log ye serial ko yad karte hai.

  150. Pravin Bhosale says:

    2019….30yrs…and still thread is going On and On.

    Really amazing.
    Lets try other sources to get this serial.

  151. Walker says:

    Guys I had recorded the serial when it was really telecast. I had brought the cassettes from India but a couple of people I asked to convert were unable to do so. I shall try again & see where it goes.

    In the meantime we can alternatively relive this part of our lives by piecing together parts of this serial. I will start with the first episode.

    1st day at college. Ragging going on – seniors ask Dr Ashwini Kumar to give a rose to Poonam which he places at her feet. Poonam internally admires Dr Ashwani Kumar… She has a family friend Shahnaz who has a boy friend an Army Captain who calls her ‘Shahnoo’. Dr Ashwani Kumar who has an ailing mother in a village, comes to live in Poonam s out house.

  152. AQadeer Nawab says:

    Hi All,

    This is how she looks now, well settled God bless her

  153. Akan Regon says:

    Every one here including me are die hard fans of phir wohi talash. But we might have to live with fond memories only. However we can make a request at our individual level to DD to retelecast the serial, which may be heard.

    Mr. Walker has narrated the first episode. Another one may do the second one and so on….. That way the serial will live for ever atleast in the forum…may in the form of words only…
    Really very nostalgic!

  154. Milind says:

    Good News !!
    Finally Phir Wohi Talash serial started on DD Bharati. You all can see all episodes on You Tube. As of now only 17 episodes are uploaded.

    We all must form a WhatsApp group to talk on this.

    Please let me know.

    • Sanjay Prajapati says:

      Dear All
      Now all episodes of Phir Wohi Talash are available on YouTube through DD Bharati…

      Muje Narendra (Dr. Ashvini Kumar) or Padma (Ms. Poonam Rehani) ki talash hai……

  155. Sudhir Sid Thakur says:

    Dear Friends,

    Recently Doordarshan started rerun of “phir wohi talaash” on Saturday and Sunday 7 pm in the evening and trust me I am so glued to the screen…

    Please do watch the show again… It’s wonderful !
    It’s Saturday today again and it’s at 7 pm on Doordarshan !!!

    Don’t miss it buddies !

    Warm wishes
    Sudhir Sid Thakur

  156. Bharat dadhich says:

    Friends vidmate apps download kro and serial fir whi talash likho,usme bahut sare episode apko milege,mne download kiye h sure

  157. Vishal Saini says:

    Absolutely loved this serial just ended watching all 22 episodes

  158. I appreciate your fantastic post. It demonstrates your vast expertise.
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  159. I love this Serial.

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