Aag lage kanaar mein

A reflection of what is within., and what cannot be said, because there are societies outside, and there are boundaries, and there are incapabilities within and incapabilities without, and there is the responsibility to be pure, and there are promises to meet, and there are self-adorned burdens of friendships, and there is ego.

So poetry helps that something, which cannot be said, let out at times:

(a gzal by Jigar Muradabadi):

ओस पड़े बहार पर, आग लगे कनार में
तुम जो नहीं कनार में, लुत्फ़ ही क्या बहार में

[कनार == bosom] [लुत्फ़ == pleasure]

उसपे करे ख़ुदा रहम, गर्दिश-ए-रोज़गार में
अपनी तलाश छोड़कर, जो है तलाश-ए-यार में

हम कहीं जानेवले हैं, दामन-ए-इश्क़ छोड़कर
ज़ीस्त तेरे हुज़ूर में, मौत तेरे दयार में

[ज़ीस्त == life]

तुम जो नहीं कनार में, लुत्फ़ ही क्या बहार में

One rendition of the gazal can be found in ‘Rare Gems’ -Chitra Singh – 1974.

Sorry for the previous post (Aaj hi hoga). It’s not by me. But I don’t recall the poet. If anyone knows, let me know.

2 thoughts on “Aag lage kanaar mein

  1. Anonymous says:

    sorry but do mention what is datar

  2. Its dayaar == door-step, dehleez

    Also, sometimes aangan or lobby.

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