In early 90s there used to be a serial on Doordarshan called Charitraheen, based on Sharatchandra’s Bengali novel by the same name. Though I was quite young to get the import of the serial, I quite fondly remembered it title music. I later came to know that it was composed by my favorite composer, the legendary Salil Chaudhary. The melody and the lyrics still used to ‘haunt’ me. Someone today reminded me of the haunting feeling. So here’s the lyrics of the song:

शीतल मंजुल कोमल, तेरा आँचल
मेरी सुधियों में लहराया
झल-मल झल-मल
और एक शाम मैंने तेरे नाम लिख दी

हौले, हौले-हौले; पुर्वा ड़ोले, पुर्वा ड़ोले
ढलते दिन की अरुणाई में सपने घोले; सपने घोले
सपने घोले
और एक शाम मैंने तेरे नाम लिख दी

पंछी एक बिचारा, टूटा हारा, टूटा हारा
सुने नभ में उड़ता फ़िरता, मारा-मारा
और एक शाम मैंने तेरे नाम लिख दी

शीतल मंजुल कोमल, तेरा आँचल
मेरी सुधियों में लहराया
झल-मल झल-मल
और एक शाम मैंने तेरे नाम लिख दी

And here is where you can download it from. has done a great job in giving us a chance to enjoy the (sometimes considered long-forgotten) melodies of the great Salil Chaudhary. I don’t know the lyricist of the song, if any of you have any clue, let me know. Also, note that this the third song composed by Salil Da on this blog. So I’m turning out to be quite a bit of a fan. 🙂

44 thoughts on “Charitraheen

  1. WE says:

    Doin gr8 Job man.. I used to wonder if I could ever come across a person of my age who shares same kinda taste of music..
    I saw charitraheen wen I was very small..I’m feelin so good right now…
    Cheers 😀

    • sandeep baluni says:

      dear all

      i was biggest fan of this serial ,to watch this serial is like to go back in the era of early 60-70 where old building, tanga and music …this is one my favorate song ever but i dont know about the singer if any body know please let me know his name..


  2. I know the feeling … to find a rare liking of yours resonate with someone else. If you are on Orkut check this out. I was surprised to see the response.

  3. Anonymous says:

    dooba suraj dooba,man le dooba
    man le dooba…..
    mere man ka koi kona jag se ooba….jag se ooba…
    aur ek sham……

    these are the lines from the same song which use to “haunt” me…and so beautiful too….kya yeh sahi hain?

  4. Sorry … mujhe yeh lines yaad nahi aa rahi, but seems to be of the same song.. the rhyme and the meter looks same.. waise do you recollect it from the original serial??

  5. Anonymous says:

    yup…it was picturised on one of the female leads…title track mein nahi…may be thats y u dont remember.

  6. mohit says:

    I am quite taken aback to see this, and pleasantly so. I happened to play the protagonist “Satish”, in this serial, on whom this song was picturised. It is a lovely song.

  7. mohit says:

    Do you ever feel a sense of wonderment when you hear someone else sing a song that one of the greats has sung? You hear this someone else (no one known) render it so faithfully and beautifully, and yet you become aware of nuances and subtleties that didn’t strike you when you heard the original – it’s like a discovery process – a peeling of the onion – a delayering – coupled with great wonderment, and you say. “Wow”.

  8. Kartik says:


    thanks for the poem and info.

    could you please provide me with an alternate download link for the song as the one given above doesn’t work anymore.
    thanks in advance.

    my email id.

  9. K.C.Wangyal says:

    Thanks a lot 4 ur effort…..been longing 2 hear dis beautiful song 4 years.
    This song takes me down memory lane,I was den in d 5th standard…now I’m mother of 2 kids.Surely those days we had such pure music which truly touched our souls!

  10. mohit says:

    the serial is on again on dd bharti.

    • Nishi says:

      I am reading the novel and imagine you with every passing page. Where are you. I am a Hindustani classical student and I hum this song innumerable times. How have you been Mohit? and what do you do… sending you my wishes

  11. arun kumar dey says:

    So nice liric of salil chowdhury and sung by shyamal mitra. Self sing only bengali songs; but when I listened it in a t.v. serial, I could not but adopt this song in my voice.

  12. puneet says:

    dear Vineet, many many thanks for the download link. I could figure it out after some time. This is the song of a lifetime

  13. ajay kumar gupta says:

    Charitraheen, Anandi gopal,Foolwanti,Bharat ek khoj,Apna apna aasman,Mulla nasiruddin,Vyomkesh bakshi and malgudi days these serials are being telecasted on D D BHARTI on regular basis.presently charitraheen and anandi Gopal is being telecasted on dd bhartiat 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm.these are also retelecasted next day 2 times.enjoy the gems of Indian TV aka doordarshan on dd bharti

  14. :-)) says:

    Overjoyed to find this…. Just this afternoon I watched charitraheen on dd something…. Glad to take a trip down memory lane again

  15. joula says:

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  16. Willienek says:

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