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  1. Shradha says:

    to me that all she wanted was a space to sit setnilly for as long as she liked. She said her thing was just sitting Well fine, but why did she go all the way to the Pune Resort for that? She could do that at home. It’s very easy to find a space to sit setnilly anywhere in the world in your own bedroom is a good place. I used to find very easily silent places in Beijing China, a bustling urban center with 13 million population. Not a problem at all. Why waste the money to fly to Pune, with all the noise of traveling involved, plus polluting the environment with jet-fuel emissions, and using valuable non-replacable fossil fuels for your car, plane, and train rides, just to sit setnilly somewhere at the Resort? Stupid. Unnecessary. Wasteful. Her friend said that all she wanted to do was be allowed to remain in yoga like positions during the vipassana meditation. All many people need is a space for their spiritual exercises. Her friend who wants to go into her personal favorite yoga postures can do that at home. People do not go to a center filled with pre-determined meditations and groups and socialization venues to do their own personal spiritual practices, Abhay. They go to be guided in the processes that the center provides, with the explanations of the techniques being provided by people who are there to give that guidance. And the added interactions of the other people there is a factor too. Now you can do Osho Kundalini at home with a CD playing on your computer, but it is not the same as with 700 other people in the room. Same goes for the other meditations. As to the groups at the Multiversity, of course it is a highly people-interactive set of gatherings, again guided by someone who the participant has determined knows something about it, at least enough to go for it to take part in the group process.On Osho What if Osho cared not at all whether there was any trace of him once he flew off into the greater universe? My interpretation of Osho is that he would have preferred the option of leaving without a trace. Not true at all. Your interpretation is flat-out wrong. Osho managed personally at all levels throughout his life the ongoing continuous project of designing, recording, transcribing, collecting, editing, publishing, translating the general non-stop dissemination of his talks, darshans, interviews, and life adventures in all forms of media. Just his edict to his people in his last year to have all his Hindi discourses translated into English as a top priority shows how wrong you are here. If he didn’t care what happened, he would have just said so. Obviously he did care. And you end up with the closer, All people need is the space, the space to do whatever that is their spiritual practice. People are attracted to a master and his vision and his work, because their own spiritual practice is wanting, and they are looking for more guidance. If they already feel they know so much, then they don’t come to a master or his people. Why would they? Seems like something simple to me. Pretty basic.Though I would have to agree with you on the point that if Osho’s discourses were not filmed in Pune 1 til the last year, then it was surely Osho that wanted it like that. If he had wanted them filmed, and had directed his sannysasins to do so, then they would have been filmed. I do feel, Abhay, that you have it in for the Resort, for the managers Jayesh and Amrito, and for the whole set-up there in Pune and OIF. Could be your personal grudge, or just your personal government world-view that you seem hold high with a socially sanctimonious authority almost. I’m not sure what your agenda is exactly. Maybe someday it will surface transparently.And I notice, Abhay, that your new trend is to not sign your posts Yahoo, Abhay every time. Do you feel exposed now that the code has been cracked? Is that it? You do have a sharpness though, a tenacity, a disciplined approach that I do admire , but maybe you have been on the barricades too long, fighting the good fight, righting the wrongs, and taking on the powers that be, day after day, year after year there is a time to relax and give-in too, have a hug, crack a joke, chill .

  2. Tycker nog att tant, liksom gubbe, står för passiv; åhörare i kultursammanhanget och är ett förklenande omdöme snarare än beskrivning. Cool står i grunden för distansering och förvandlat till något berömvärt kan det appliceras på allt man tycker om. Det är bra att ifrågasätta. Patty Smith ifrågasätter!

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