Jaane Tu …

Not many movies have made me blog about them. At least none has made me blog immediately after watching them. This one is surely one of them. I’ve just returned from the theater… and I’m blogging.

“Jaane Tu … ya Jaane Na” is what I call a “made hit”. This is a movie, whose directors are aware of what are they trying to make … they know that the thing they are trying to make would be mind-bogglingly entertaining … and they successfully make what they are trying to make. 🙂 It is a really beautiful movie.

And no, I refused to write a review, because its past midnight and I’m not Cinderella. 😛 … But I admit that now I’d very much like to ride a white horse on the streets of Mumbai… 🙂

2 thoughts on “Jaane Tu …

  1. Jeet says:

    🙂 Movie had a lot of places with good jokes and puns.. totally entertaining as you say 🙂 No wonder you had to write about it.

  2. Vid says:

    Yeah, it was too good. Specially scenes like Rani’s condolence meet ;).. Only if they could trim down a few places and made it crisper it would have been a helluva movie… Still its one of the best … fresh faces, good acting, witty dialogues…

    And isnt it strange that people do not realize that they love someone!

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