Man Shuddha Tujha

Most of what I blog is either surreal or about my interests in Urdu, Hindi, or English literature, music or movies. However, there are two more languages that greatly appeal to me – Sanskrit and Marathi. I will talk about Sanskrit some other day. And ya, Marathi is my mother tongue. Well, so today I’ll post one very old Marathi song that I like very much. The song is from a 1937 marathi movie called “Kunku”.It was made by V Shantaram’s legendary Studio – Prabhat. Prabhat, for its time, made very progressive movies. Most of them centered around people’s personal experiences in the midst of social problems of the age. The song captures the moment of reason, when one feels clariry in thought and action, after being in a long state of situational chaos and moral confusion. Here’s the song (Subtitles are there in the video):

2 thoughts on “Man Shuddha Tujha

  1. Rohini says:

    That’s a pretty old song you dug out. Shantaram’s movies are always a joy.

  2. Rohini says:

    I had stumbled upon your blog way back in 2006! It had a verse by Mahadevi Verma which I like so much I started lurking around here. I discovered this place again in my feed reader. 🙂

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