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  1. Sumi says:

    Whenever I watch omore ads i feel a bit uneasy about the efcfet these ice-creams will cause upon consumption. When the time guy eats the ice-cream, he starts fancying girls around while when a girl eats it, she wears a stupid saaree and dances with boys around. Similarly, the brand’s very beginning ads promote some kind of tickle happening after eating the ice-cream. All I understand after watching these ads is that omore shows reality to the viewers but in a very secret manner. As pointed out by Nadia Khan in one of her shows (geo phir mazay se), adulteration (milaawatt ) is being done even in ice-creams these days in Pakistan. Usually ice-creams are manufactured using milk fat. Whole milk contains 3% milk fat, but ice-creams contain 12-18%. Milk fat is specially added to the ice-cream mix before foaming the mix. In Pakistan, fats of animal origin are being mixed instead. And most of these fats are imported for manufacturing low quality soaps. These fats upon consumption could result in health-related problems in a very long-term, but we being Muslims do believe that consumption of something haraam brings about temptation to do bad things. One reason why pork has been prohibited upon us is that the animal is considered reservoir of bad temptations, it’s meat or fat consumption is ought to bring about the same impact upon us. Moreover, as the animal inhabits muddy environments, its meat and fats also contains pathogenic microbes which can only be destroyed on high teperatures.In a nutshell, the reason behind omore’s bad after-taste or the lesson behind its ads according to me is the inclusion of bad fats into te ice-cream.

  2. I assume that last bit is some sort of attempt at sarcasm, and not a failure to read the 2nd to last paragaraph? “Excel, that was almost funny.”Edit: actually, so was my comment… That sounded a lot snarkier than it should have. Put it down to Monday.

  3. Otroligt vackra färger! Vad intressant! Jag färgade ocksÃ¥ garner en gÃ¥ng dÃ¥ jag skulle väva, men det var med köpisfärg och inte alls sÃ¥ där naturellt och milt…

  4. Kar saÄŸanağı geçerken – Çankaya / Ankara. Bu sene karla ilgili uzun zamandır görmediÄŸimiz bir çok hava olayını gördük. Özellikle kar saÄŸanaklarına ne oldu, nereye gittiler diye merak ediyordum yıllardır, bir yere gitmemiÅŸler

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