I wrote poetry after a long time. And this time, unlike all other times, I am feeling very satisfied with it. I called it अर्पण, a dedication. Here’s the poem:
घन उपवन मे थे फूल चार।
कुछ संजो लिए, कुछ बिखर गए।
जो संजो लिए, वह तुझे चढे।
जो बिखर गए, वह तुझे मिले।

नक्षत्र प्रचुर विस्तृत नभ मे,
कुछ दिखे और कुछ छुपे रहे।
वे छुपे तुम्हारी झोली मे,
औ’ दिखे तुम्हारी रौनक से।

बहती नदिया मे जल अपार,
कुछ बहा दिया, कुछ भर लाया।
जो भरा, तुझ ही पर चढा दिया,
जो बहा दिया वह तुझे मिला।

वन पथ पर कटंक बहुत मिले,
कुछ चुभे और कुछ पडे रहे।
जो रक्त बहा वह तेरा था,
जो दर्द हुआ वह तुझे हुआ।

जीवन पथ पर सौ लोग मिले,
कुछ साथ रहे, कुछ चले गए।
तुझको देखा हर साथी मे,
और उनमे भी, जो चले गए।

जो तूने खुद को तृप्त किया,
आभार किसी का क्या मानूँ?
जो दर्द खुद ही तू भोग रहा,
क्या खेद करूँ, और क्या रोउँ?

13 thoughts on “Arpan

  1. Saumya Saurabh says:


    I am deeply moved yaar..awesome piece…Aaj se hum tumhe Kaviraaj ki upaadhi dete hain…..My retaliation:

    Likhte hain aisa jo sabke dil ko chhoye

    Badey badey inki kavitaoon mein khoye

    Kaviraaj ka naam to poochein….

    Nikhilesh Ghushe…Nikhilesh Ghushe!!!

  2. ritesh says:

    जीवन पथ पर सौ लोग मिले,
    कुछ साथ रहे, कुछ चले गए।
    घुशे को देखा हर साथी मे,
    और उनमे से सौ चले गए।
    तुम रह गये और भाग्य खुल गये ।

  3. arvind says:

    Bahut achi hai!
    gutaakhi maaf kijiyega! (parantu raha nahin gaya)

    ab tak ki zindagi maine guzaari
    kabhi jaag ke kabhi need mein
    jab jaaga tujhe yaad kiya
    jab soya, tera swapn dekha

  4. @Rohini 🙂

    @Saumya That one was acceptable… if you post any other para of that kafiyaa bandi… be ready for dire consequences… 😀 … waise dhanyavad dhanyavaad!! 🙂

    @Ritesh dhanyavaad… abhi to shuruvaat hai dost!! Bhagya to abhi kulenge dost!! 🙂

    @Arvind Waah! Janaab aap DCE 2002 wale hi hain na?

  5. Jeet says:

    Bahut umda Ghushe.. would love to see more gems from you.

  6. Parul agrawal says:

    hmm…nice piece..

    so yet another thought that reminds me of the first thing i read about you on orkut…Aham brahmasmi… 🙂

  7. arvind says:

    No, i am from NSIT actually, 2006 passout.

  8. shree says:


    A very beutiful poem, you have a gift…

    If you don’t mind critcism, I would suggest you change the last stanza, as it does not really go well with the theme of the rest of the poem…
    My thoughts, but you are the best judge of your poem…

  9. @Jeet Thanks

    @Parul 🙂 so you remember it. Isn’t it surprising that we never got a chance to complete the Aham Brahmasmi conversation 🙂

    @Shree All criticism is welcome. I accept the last stanza doesn’t go well with the rest of the poem. But sometimes non-gelling things have to come together to complete each other 🙂 But thanks for pointing it out, i might come up with a more gelling and yet complete ending.

  10. Saranyan says:

    Amazing – One is all, all is one.
    Why does it remind me so much of Bhakti yoga? …


  11. @Saran

    ’cause it is about Bhakti Yoga 😛

  12. Bernadine says:

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