Ahir ki chhohariya

Time to say happy birthday to Krishna! So, here’s my favorite piece of poetry (by Raskhan) about him:

सेस, महेस, गनेस, दिनेस, सुरेसहुँ जाँही निरंतर गावें,
जाँही अनादी, अनन्त, अखण्ड, अछेद, अभेद, सुवेद बतावें,
नारद से शुक व्यास रटें, पचि हारे तऊ पुनि पार न पावें,
ताही अहीर की छोहरिया, छछिया भर छाँछ पे नाच नचावें।

… whom all the mighty beings: the Shesha (the celestial remainder mighty snake), Mahesh (the almighty Shiva), Ganesha, Dinesha (the sun god), and Suresha (the king of god’s Indra) eternally praise,
… who has always been described as the one without begining or end, who is complete in itself, is impenetrable, itself is the undifferentiated reality, and obviously is the omniscient,
… from Narada to Shuka Muni to Vyaas are tired of chanting whose name, and still could not understand him completely,
… he himself dances to the tune of a bunch of cowherd girls, just for a pot of buttermilk.

Besides, I love the god who sets nice precedents like stealing clothes of girls bathing in a river. 😉

Harih Om!

2 thoughts on “Ahir ki chhohariya

  1. Pingu says:

    Tut-tut! Bad boy…bad boy…I’m talking about Krishna re…not you! 😛

    Your post set me thinking as to why people didn’t bathe in the privacy of their bathrooms during those days?? Don’t tell me they didn’t have bathrooms…Sheesh! Even the Harappa-Mohenjodaro folks had properly-maintained city drainage system and all…:O

    Raskhan = ras+khan; sandhi-vichedh and all that… from my Kishore Bharathi days, you see… 😛
    I got 96/100 in my 10th std half-yearly Hindi exam…not even one maatra out of place 😛
    Those were the days…! 😀 (Yeah…I’m an incurable show-off…I keep on about it whenever I get the chance to much like Bertram and his Scripture Knowledge Prize :P)

    P.S: Hazaari Prasad Dwivedi uncle’s ‘Kya Niraash Hua Jaaye’ is one of my favourites. 🙂

  2. Yep, bad boy he was, I quite idealized him, you see 😉

    Okay, so first up, why on earth do we assume that having the privacy of a bathroom is a more developed state of affair – after all why do I spend so much money and time to climb up the western ghats to be able to bathe in the natural mountain streams 😀 … as far as the actual story goes, it was a ritual bathing day for the Gopis, a day dedicated to the mother goddess in which virgin women were supposed to bathe completely naked and offer some oblations to the goddess… Krishna was quite an opportunist crook, you see… 😀

    And i’ve not read much of Dwivedi ji, hope to find something there!

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