Time to write a long post

It’s been a long time since I had time enough to write something worthwhile. I think god has given me the chance today. I’m not feeling well and the doctor has asked me to take some rest. By the way, I could not understand why he took the decision to advice me that. He himself doesn’t seem to be sure about what’s wrong with me. He told me after a long diagnosis session that the problem is either in my stomach or in my forehead. Now THAT really is puzzling. Anyways, irrespective of whatever he concludes, one thing is sure, its time to change the way I live my life. I’ve not been sleeping at nights, I haven’t been eating things which “people” categorize under food for a while now, and I haven’t taken a haircut for some13 months now. Well this reminds me of Three Men in a Boat… and another opportunity to laugh at myself. Khair… chhodo.

Okay, the above lines were written on 4th of June. But I didn’t post them… generally. So, this is what I’m writing now (That is July 5th):
After a while the doctor finalized on “amoebiasis”. It’s not dangerous. It was just the shear magnitude of it that was causing me problems. Anyways, it helped a lot to have it. I feel much more human now. You want a proof, take this – I’ve taken a hair cut.

Anyways, for the previous post which I wrote some time back – for which a few friends demanded an explanation, I have this to say – forget it.

It was an important day. For sure. And THAT truth alone is earth-shattering. My expression may actually fail to explain why it was important. And I guess that was also the day, when I realized WHY some things are better unsaid.

Bill Watterson the great!!

I didn’t know this:


You know what’s ironical, when watterson says this:

…..Who would believe in the innocence of a little kid and his tiger if they cashed in on their popularity to sell overpriced knickknacks that nobody needs?….

he may be right. But some people may still cherish those knickknacks. Its agreed that somebody should not make huge sums out of exclusive marketing. But why this:

…..which means that every Calvin & Hobbes T-shirt, coffee mug or other gadget that is on the market is illegal….

I fail to get the reason. Still Bill Watterson is and will remain a legend.

Time to catch up

Its now time to catch up with things I’ve missed due to the busy month that passed. (Or was it two months?) Well whatever, its now time to catch up. So what did I miss…. a lot of movies, a lot of books, a lot of news!!

Yes surely a lot of news. But it was a strange experience, I mean missing the news. If you pick up today newspaper say after 5 days, most of the news must have either changed, made redundant by some other news, or oblieterated by some happening. So I felt it was okay to have missed the news.

But had to compensate for movies…. haven’t seen anything since the release of Troy. Can you believe that. Yes you have to. Its true. So I saw Troy today. And there’s a long list of pending ones… The Aviator, Ocean’s Elevan, and I don’t even know what(?)…. I told you I missed the news as well. I feel like coming out of some hibernation.

I’ll come back and write reviews, if could manage not to hibernate again.

Mumbai… changing!!

I left delhi when I was 17 or 18. I always disliked the city. People are hypocrite, show-off is prevalent, Its not safe. The delhi news papers read at least one rape case daily.

Mumbai has always been the most liked city. The time span for which the city is awake, the feeling of being home even after being part of the undistinguishable crowd, the unbelievable levels of saftey.

But today a news really baffled me. An incident of rape by a police man… that too on the marine drive. God save Mumbai.. from the real filth of metropolitan life… the feeling of being in a forest… the feeling of being insecure… the feeling on being in a Darwinian framework… struggle for existence and survival of the fittest. God save…. Mumbai!!


Orkut, as I always use it, is a tool to observe people. Nothing else on the web gives a better way of doing it.

But something wierd happend with me. I had a conversation with a girl on a community some ages ago. Then banged into her again. While writing something in her scrapbook, could not help observing her huge sracpbook. (Yep huge… some 300 odd scraps) Where else do you get a chance to apply your logic to derive conclusions. And I derived conclusions. Somehow I wrote the conclusions to her…. and what!! she blamed me for “stalking” her. As in I’m some Delhi rapist… paving a trap route for a ‘prey’.

Yes there is something really strange about the world nowdays. I need to take a break from work… surely.. haven’t taken it for long.

Posting in hindi – a battle

साथी गण प्रणाम,

यह लेख केवल एक प्रयोग है। यह जानने के ्िलए िक क्या अक्ष्रमाला सच मे िहदीं ब्लॉ्ग िल्खने मे सक्ष्म है। जानकर खेद हुआ िक मात्राओं का स्थान सही रखना अत्यन्त ््किठन कार्य है।

अभी के िलए इतना ही,