tumul kolaahal kalah me,
mai hriday ki baat re mann.

[tumul == intense] [kolaahal == roar/noises]
[kalah == dispute]

vikal ho kar nitya chanchal,
khojati jab neend ke pal,
chetanaa thak si rahi jab,
mai malay ki vaat re mann.

[vikal == anxious] [nitya == always] [chetanaa == consciousness]
[malay ki vaat == hilly winds (soothing)]

chir vishaad vileen man ki,
is vyathaa ke timir van ki,
mai usha si jyoti-rekha,
kusum vikasit praat re mann.

[chir == long-lasting] [vishaad == greif] [vileen == immersed]
[vyatha == sorrow] [timir == darkness] [jyoti-rekha == ray] [praat == dawn]

pawan ki praacheer me ruk,
jalaa jeevan ji raha jhuk,
is jhulasate vishwa-din ki,
mai kusum-ritu raat re mann.

[pawan ki pracheer == wall of wind] [kusum-ritu == spring]

Hindi poetry does not get better than this. Its the most intense lines of Kamayani by Prasaad, something really close to my heart. Alas, it needs to be explained, I dont have expression enough to do it. Will try to complete it later.

So here I go (Its Sep 30)

jahaan maru-jwala dhadhakti
chaataki kaN ko tarasti
unhi jeevan ghaatiyon ki
mai saras barsaat re mann.

[maru-jwala == heat of the desert]
[chaataki == a bird known to drink rainwater only]
[kaN == grain] [saras == with ras, with life]

chir niraashaa neerdhar se
pratichhayit ashru-sar me
mai sajal jaljaat re mann.

[chir == long-lasting] [neerdhar == cloud]
[pratichhayit == been reflected with]
[ashru-sar == pond of tears] [madhup == wasp/bee]
[marand == pollen] [mukulit == granted with/containing]
[sajal == wet] [jaljaat == lotus]

BTW Welcoming a new member, Rahul Jindal (Jango, Zombie). He is an old friend from Gurgaon.

3 thoughts on “Nirved

  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. Deepti says:

    this fantastic post 🙂

    i was searching few lines from KAMAYANI n landed on ur blog but m glad that i reached here …

    well Jaishankar Prasad ji ke baare mein kuch bhi bolna kam as i seriously admire his way of expression …

  3. Mokshada says:

    Well, i was searching on surdas ji and i saw this option. i already knew a little bit about jaishankar prasad ji. its been a great pleasure to read this beautiful poem. its like a poem. i have read other hindi poems like those of Raskan , Tulsidas, Surdas , and much more.
    Muhje koi gam nahi heh

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