Orkut, as I always use it, is a tool to observe people. Nothing else on the web gives a better way of doing it.

But something wierd happend with me. I had a conversation with a girl on a community some ages ago. Then banged into her again. While writing something in her scrapbook, could not help observing her huge sracpbook. (Yep huge… some 300 odd scraps) Where else do you get a chance to apply your logic to derive conclusions. And I derived conclusions. Somehow I wrote the conclusions to her…. and what!! she blamed me for “stalking” her. As in I’m some Delhi rapist… paving a trap route for a ‘prey’.

Yes there is something really strange about the world nowdays. I need to take a break from work… surely.. haven’t taken it for long.


I’m listening to Nirvana, after a really long gap. Brings back some weird and old memories. Everybody around me in college days used to love them. Man who sold the world was an anthem. Even now, if any of us starts…. tanaa-na-na-nanan …everyone else catches up…. we passed upon the stairs…..

I dont know what’s there in Nirvana which binds you, makes you resonate with the music… phyisically as well. You start moving in sync with the base. There are very few bands which have that affect… I guess “release me” Pearl Jam and to some extenct Alanis.


mai neer bhari dukh ki badali,

spandan mei.n chir nispand basA,
krandan mei.n Ahat vishwa hansA.
nayano.n mei.n deepak se jalate,
palako.n mei.n nirjharani machali.

mai neer bhari dukh ki badali.

(By Mahadevi Verma)
(Image: Vivian Tragante do Ó, thanks for allowing me to put it here)

From Gazhals to Qawwalis

I’ve recently graduated from ghazals to qawwalis. Half an hour back I was listening to gazhals (obviously Ghalib), and now I’m listening to some real old qawaalis (Bollywood 1950s). So the graduation is that recent!!

Whatever, I never realized before that qawwalis can be that expressive, soothing, romantic and philosophical at the same time. The one which is currently struck in my head, and going to remain stuck for a while, is:

Na to kaarawa.n ki talaash hai,
Na to humsafar ki talaash hai.
Mere shaukhe-e-khana kharaab ko,
Teri rehguzar ki talaash.

Mere na-muraad is junoon ka,
ab hai ilaaj koi to maut hai.
Jo davaa ke naam pe zeher de,
us charaagar ki talaash hai.

Well must thank one of my uncles for giving me this age old song.

Why this at all??

Zarquon himself is not very punctual. Why should I be?

Well telling that is absolutely not the purpose of this blog. Its just a general blog, where I wish to write anything in general. The Zarquon thing is just for increasing the hype value.

Anyways, I shall not be punctual here. I can be anything…. boring, sick, funny, nasty, hollow, irritating…. bt definitely not punctual.


Ankh ka Ansu dhalakatA dekha-kar,
jee tadap kar-ke hamArA reh gayA.

kyA gayA moti kisi kA hai bikhar,
yA hua paidA ratan koi nayA.

(By Ayodhya Singh Upadhyaya `Hariaudh’)
(Image: Niagara, taken by Navneet Loiwal, sorry for not asking you Navneet)